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Thread: Need help for last 53pts, 3 000pts OK.

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    Lightbulb Need help for last 53pts, 3 000pts OK.

    Hi all!
    So, I am quite happy with the army list I came up with thanks to members' feedbacks.
    I am building it up step by step.
    However, I would like some advices on how to spend the last 53pts.

    Opions available IMO are:
    10 trappers
    a 7th leadbelcher and 10 pts (irongut champion/item for firebelly)
    a 11th irongut and 10pts (irongut champion/item for firebelly)
    a 12th bull and 20pts (irongut+bull champions/item for firebelly)

    Don't hesitate to propose something else!

    Army list: 3 000pts.
    Slaughtermaster (gastromancy):
    Fencer's blades, Talisman of preservation, Scroll of shielding, Ironcurse icon, level 4. 385pts

    BSB, Armor of destiny, Ironfist. 184pts

    Fire belly:
    Sword of Striking, Dispell scroll, rock eye, level 2. 200pts

    11 bulls: ironfists, standard, Gnoblar, Bellower. 377pts (Fire belly, 3 wide 4 deep)
    10 ironguts: standard, banner of discipline, gnoblar, Bellower. 470pts (SM+BSB, 4 wide 3 deep)
    10 gnoblars: trappers. 50pts

    7 leadbelchers: Bellower. 311pts
    1 sabretusk. 21pts
    1 sabretusk. 21pts
    1 sabretusk. 21pts
    1 sabretusk. 21pts
    4 mournfang cavalry: ironfists, heavy armours, standard, dragonhide banner, Bellower. 350pts

    1 ironblaster. 170pts
    1 ironblaster. 170pts
    1 Stonehorn. 250pts

    TOTAL: 3 001pt
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