So I wanna support my local club that i help run and we have to much 40k going on, leading by example i'm thinking of doing a 2k fantasy army to give some of the WH plays a game and a break for my self from 40k

Years ago i bought the empire detachment box like a loooong time agao but never painted it.

Just wondered what the state of the empire is n WH i'v never really played WH but know roughly how the rules work. I dont want my backside handed to me every game so just wondered what a decent empire army looks like these days? I'm willing to buy more stuff, its more a case of not wanting to invest time painting stuff that sucks. I have:

About 10 knights with lances
About 10 white wolf knights
Spear men (the old style ones with the round shields)
Hand gunners (again the ones you got in the old box)
Some free company
Some halberd guys
a few flagellents
A cannon
A hellblaster
2 Wizards

I'm looking to paint em Talabecland (how do you pronouce that btw? heh).

Please be honest, its not like i invested a great deal of cash in the above they'v been in a box for about 7 years heh.