Gents, any polite replies would be appreciated.

If a Vampire has the Master Strike rule, and the Sword of Striking, does this allow him to use the Sword in his to hit roll if he uses the Master Strike?

How far can Leadership mods stack? If I have -3 from a spell, and 3 vamps to reduce leadership, can I take a LD 5 unit to -1?

All of the Death Shriek attacks add up as shooting attacks, so that a character would be the last one affected, and killed by them correct? or could someone allocate wounds to the character if they so choose?

Can Fear combined with anything else reduce the WS of an enemy unit to 0? or is 1 the lowest it can go?

Can a unit of Hexwraiths Charge through one enemy unit to hit another, while using their special ability on the first unit to cause wounds?

Thank You