So this is kinda all the figures i have for high elves right now ive got a bunch of stuff which needs assembly and painting but for now this is it. im going against Chaos with this on friday, any help is appreciated. gonna try to make my first Battle report out of it too. Shadow would be better I think, not sure.


Prince, Griffon, Dragon armor, Shield, Ogre Blade, Helm of fortune, Guardian Pheonix. 452 pts

Arch Mage lvl 4 dispel scroll high magic 280 pts


Noble, BSB, GW, Longbow, Armor of caledor 152 pts


39 Lothern Sea gaurd, FC, Shields, Banner of Eternal Flame 542 pts
10 archers 110 pts
10 archers 110 pts

21 Sword Masters, FC 345 pts
21 White lions, FC, banner of discipline 360 pts
10 Silver helms, shields, 270 pts
1 lion chariot 140 pts'
1 lion chariot 140 pts

1 Great Eagle 50 pts
1 great Eagle 50 pts