Update time!

I have actually managed to get some painting done surprisingly, whilst my daughter sleeps in a sling. This has meant painting in some sub-optimal light but what can you do.

First up my hammerers, needed some of these for my army but have been trying to decide which "brand" of hammerer to opt for. In the end I decided the marauder metals so picked them off whenever I could on ebay. Still need to put together a banner for them though.

One of the reasons (besides metal is best) I liked the marauder hammerers is the champion, one of my favorite models. They don't make em like that anymore

And finally some spirit hosts that have been WIP for ages. One of the better recent-ish GW kits (and reasonably priced).

Next up some marauder White Lions followed by some metal miners. The last unit I need for my Dwarf army! (although I wouldn't say no to some Bugman's rangers)