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    S_A_T_S's Hall of Heroes

    Been meaning to do this for a while - a small plog/gallery for my WHQ Heroes (and maybe I'll add in some monsters). I'm not intending to add to this that often, as my group have mostly moved onto board games and D&D, so my WHQ collection is built toward being just another board game. I have all the boxset contents printed on one sheet of A4 for each character, with a slightly modified event and dungeon deck (thanks, Tael) and all the monsters in single box so I can crack it out when I have people round and we can see how far we get (not that far that often...)

    Anyway, on to the photos:

    Barnabus, Wizard
    I always underestimate the wizard, but as he levels he gets some damn powerful spells, and with a half decent set of gear can hold his own in combat as well.

    Angharad, Bretonnian Knight
    I really wanted a female knight, but not an overly sexualised, unrealistic one ('breast' shaped breastplates are simply wrong, as this article discusses), so I took a tiny file to this Knights face, filing down his cheeks, jaw and nose to give him more feminine features, and then painted it following the GW Painting [female] Faces Masterclass article. As you can probably tell from the name, I went for a Welsh colour scheme - red dragon head gear, white and green bisected cloak. The model was on a raised rock, so I added some PVA over the top of some murky-looking painting to try and give the effect she is standing overlooking an underground pool or lake.

    Warburton, Barbarian
    You might have seen this guy in another thread I started years ago, when I got stuck with how to paint the skin on his cloak. I didn't really get and answers there, so just threw paint at it, and it came out good (think it was elf flesh, baal wash, elf flesh dry brush then a 50/50 elf flesh/bleached bone final highlight drybrush). Also, painting this guy was when I realised that painting skins is where I am worst, so I found the Painting Faces Masterclass I mentioned earlier. When this model arrived, the axe at the front was almost twisted around in a circle! I decided to remove both hafts and replace them with steel carpet pins (which I use for general pinning) - now they are by far the hardiest parts of the entire model!

    I'm gonna leave it there for now. I have some other heroes photographed, but I'm gonna spread it out a little, touching up the paint job of one or two (good incentives, these plogs) and make sure I'm taking photos of a reasonable quality - my pit fighter's flail is quite long and it's hard to get it in shot properly.
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