Skarsnik 275pts.
Goblin Warboss on giant wolf with wizarding hat, spear, and shield 192pts.

Night Goblin Shaman Level 2 w/Dispel Scroll 110pts.
Night Goblin Shaman Level 2 w/Hex Scroll 135pts.
Night Goblin BSB w/ Armour of Silvered Steel and Ironcurse Icon 109pts.

Savage Orc Boyzx36 w/ AHW, Std. and Mus. 344pts.
Night Goblins x50 w/Nets, Std., Champ, an Mus. 225pts.
Wolf Riders x5 w/Bows, shields, and Mus. 70pts.

Savage Orc Boar Boy Big Unz x5 w/AHW and Std. 130pts.
Spear Chukka x2 70pts.
Trolls x6 210pts.

Rock Lobba x2 170pts.
Doom Diver 80pts.
Mangler's x2 130pts.

2250pts. exactly, what'd you guys think? I'm thinking I'll huddle the machines in a corner, with the gobbo's orcs and trolls in front, and then swing everything else from the far side to hit a flank, driving them to my strong stuff.