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    WE start 2000pt

    Ok... I build lists that spark my imagination rather on how well they will perform.. although.. I'm not crazy and this is a game after all!

    Here is what I'm thinking.. and I love Waywatchers.. they are the main part of my force. It's a small force on the outskirts of the forest far away from any of the main WE cities. (so there is not a lot of organized troops)

    -Lord.. waywatcher (no magic items yet and I'm not dead set on him being WW)

    -Spellsinger.. scroll cady

    -2 Alternobles GW (what ever defensive items they can fit in)

    -4x-12 Dryads/bw

    -2x -3 warhawk riders

    2x -8 Waywatchers

    this list came to about 1990... Any advice?

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    Re: WE start 2000pt

    The thing that strikes me about this army is that for an army supposedly chosen for non-gamey reasons it's very stripped down. The Wood Elf army has loads of viable choices, so how come you've included nothing but skirmishers? You have almost no magic, very little shooting, no cavalry (the warhawks don't really operate in the same way as regular cav) and no 'hard stuff' like treemen. Your characters do more of the same; move fast and fight on foot, so your army doesn't strike me as much fun to play with.

    Looking at your army from the point of view of your opponents I also see problems. Some will grind this army into the ground (Dwarves and Brettonians spring to mind) because you won't be able to damage them enough with nothing that can handle armour, hold up troops or cancel ranks. However others will find the all-skirmisher army a never ending annoyance. Obviously that's not really your problem, and any WE army will have plenty of skirmishers and frustration troops. However I think by including some of the other troop types you'll make games more enjoyable for your opponents and give yourself some weapons against harder opposition.

    The following bullet points are just my suggestions on your army, take or leave them as you please:

    1) Waywatcher kindred is a complete waste of points - especially on the Lord. Think about how much you're paying for -1 to hit (easily available using the Briar Sheath) the Scout ability, and killing blow on 1 shot that you can't use with magical bows/arrows.
    2) The strength of Alter Nobles is their speed and 360 charge arc - I think you'll be able to field just one and not really miss the other. In addition there are a limited number of useful items for Alters (Helm of the Hunt, Glamourweave, Stone of the Crystal Mere etc) so it'll be hard to come up with 2 good combinations.
    3) I have always fielded units of 8 Dryads and never felt they needed more. You're still unlikely to outnumber or autobreak things with 12 that you wouldn't have beaten easily with 8.
    4) I really liked the look of Warhawk riders... then I fielded them. Now I'm convinced they're fairly awful for the points. They take wounds very easily, which pretty much consigns them to the role of march blockers. You could get Glade Riders for pretty much the same points and they can cancel ranks.
    5) You have a LOT of waywatchers. Great if you're opponents are armoured (although I still think you won't stop a Brettonian army with an average 1-2 killing blows a turn at most) but less good against horde armies where they'll soak up the shots in millions of warm bodies. Glade Guard are really good for this with their S4 short range shots.
    6) Consider Treemen - they aren't cheese as they're the only really solid thing WE have got. They are REALLY helpful for slowing up the enemy.
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    Re: WE start 2000pt

    Thanks for the input!! I didn't think I'd get any.

    (don't have the book with me right now but...)

    -for lords and heros I'll drop an alternoble.. and the WW lord.. So do I add a spellweaver.. or keep the lord choice but different kindred?

    - I'll drop the Dryads down to 8 and drop the warhawk riders.. and use these points to get GG or GR to give me some blocks.

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