Hi all,

I have been a bit quiet on my plogs lately due to a combination of working like a madman and painting lots of Firestorm Armada stuff. So much so that I finally got out my (shared) Dreadfleet set. I'd built and undercoated the everything about a year ago but never got round to painting anything.

Anyway, recently I was inspired to start work on it all and as is my wont, I thought I'd share some pics with the community. I haven't played a single game yet, and won't do until the whole lot is fully painted, which will hopefully take a couple of weeks. When it's done and we've begun playing through the campaign I'll share my thoughts here. The models and rules are really nice; I know it got a lot of stick for not being Man O'War mk2 but honestly, I'm quite glad they did it this way. It feels more like a boardgame as it comes with absolutely everything you need to play, plus, ummmm, it's about pirates, so how wrong could you go??

Without further ado, this is my first weeks efforts with the brush: (apologies for slightly shoddy phone pics, my SLR battery is dead).

The Black Kraken:

The Shadewraith:

Grimnirs Thunder (I think that's what this one is called, book isn't to hand...)

As is the usual way with these things, all C&C welcome, I hope this proves interesting and something of a light relief from all the normal army plogs.