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Are there any metal models outside of the collectors ranges (and specialist games) that are No Longer Available?
*the mentioned Seraphim Superior
*Nob with choppa and slugga
*Catachan Officer with Power Fist
*DE Assassine 2
*HE Mage on Phoenix Base
*Skink Standard Bearer and Musician 1
*Goblin Warboss on Wolf with spear
*Goblin Boss with Sword and Shield
*Night Goblin Shaman

*Catachan Assault Weapons
*Dwarf Lord with Horned Helm and Hammer
*Burlock Damminson
*Goblin Shaman
*Chaos Ogre 2
*Skink Standard Bearer and Musician 2

*Catachan with Heavy Flamers
*Stormboy Nob
*Techmarine with Bolt Pistol
*Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus
*Gui le Gros
*Skink Standard Bearer and Musician 2
*Empire Regimental Mascot (Finecast...)