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Thread: What's gone today?

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    Re: What's gone today?

    Will you catalog things that were unavailable before today? Ie. Seraphim Superior et al?

    I'm surprised to see so many additional metals missing so quickly after the original wave of NLAs with the specialist range.

    BTW, if they take away a product too quickly and you ever forget which one it was, you can always cross reference with the Australian site. Given their prices, they haven't sold out of much. Even in the SG category.

    Same with the USA, to a lesser extent. Though that's probably attributable to the layout of game stores here, and the presence of competing companies.

    edit: I'm still not sure what is more dooming for GW: That products are being removed from the UK site at an alarming rate, or that products are NOT being removed from the North American and Australian sites, despite the inevitable and apparently proximate conclusion that they will be.
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