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    Unhappy What's gone today?

    I started this thread just to keep track of missing metal (and Finecast) products for 40k and Fantasy (before they delete the product pages). Feel free to contribute.

    14. 5. 2013


    *Preacher with Laspistol
    *Grey Knight Inquisitor with Plasma Pistol
    *Grey Knight Inquisitor with Power Sword
    *Imperial Guard Cadian Officers with Power Swords
    *Imperial Guard Vostroyan Officer with Power Fist
    *Grot Assistants
    *Mordian Missile Launcher Team
    *Imperial Guard Mordian Sergeant
    *Mordian with Grenade Launcher
    *some Valhallans, but that was some days ago

    *Bretonnian Damsel with Sword
    *Tomb Kings Tomb Swarm
    *Sorcerer of Chaos
    *Wood Elf Wardancer Whirling Death
    *Arcane Books
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