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Thread: The Ka`Thokt dynasty 10,975 points and counting...

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    The Ka`Thokt dynasty 10,975 points and counting...

    Hey warseer!

    I have done a few project logs before but none for my favourite army! After selling up my fantasy i dedicated my time to starting my 40k love-Necrons. I started them with a warlord and a box of warriors then after getting 3 awesome trades in a week i found myself at around 9k of them. I bought more and am now at around 11ks worth! With lots more planned!

    Heres the armys rough fluff and background that i will expand as i go.

    The Ka`Thokt dynasty

    The ka`thokt dynasty is a offshot of the Nihilakh dynasty,not fully aligned with them but sharing the same ideals and domain.The dynasty takes refuge below the planet of Kaskad where they have remained dormant until now.
    Kaskad has changed over the millenia from a necron world to a vast expanse of nothing until humans settled upon its surface.
    Imperial explorers claimed the planet and turned its surface into a huge forgeworld pumping out weapons for the imperial guard. Smoke belches to the skies every hour of every day as mile long conveyor belts churn out tank upon tank in a huge procession of metal wheeled death.

    Human slaves toil non stop making thousands of guns and ammunition to arm the imperial guards huge forces.Imperial techno scribes have begun digging below the surface of the planet to mine valuable mineral veins and ore deposits.Enormous drills gouge through the planets surface sending tremors and vbrations deep through the planet.Above the surface the imperial forgemasters are oblivious to how these vibrations are affecting the hidden threat underneath their very feet.
    Constant shaking and vibrations have begun shifting the tomb complex`s buried deep within the surface,straining the entire structures.As a result of this glitches and protocol errors are starting to form in the tombs master programmes.

    Orks have begun sending small scale attacks upon the planet and although stopped so far they are slowly getting bigger in size and more frequent.A few ork roks have landed upon the planet creating a foothold for the orks upon the surface.The huge shuddering impacts of the roks hasnt done anything to help the situation among the tomb complex`s below.

    A failsafe within the tomb worlds defenses has activated but in a severely glitched state due to the shifting planet disrupting the protocols.Originally the fail safe was intended to react as soon as the tomb world was attacked.A phase gate opens drawing all dormant necrons into a pocket dimension while simltaneously activating the awakening programmes.This allows the dynasty to awaken then teleport onto the planet en masse to swamp the attackers suddenly and with deadly precision. The phase gate was Raseptras crowning glory and his method of keeping his dynasty safe. Little did he know that his dynastys salvation was to become their damnation.

    The failsafe has activated but the glitch has trapped the dynasty half in and half out of reality.The gate is under great pressure as the glitch keeps them half phased in and out and this has distorted reality around the entire tomb world. Reality twists and forms around the necrons shifting them from physical to barely visible,gravity warps around them and tendrils of electric spark and lash out all around them.

    The failsafe has correctly awoken all the tomb worlds occupants but in this warped state and Raseptra has found himself to be the centrepoint of the glitch. The greatest distortion and glitching is located around him and he has found that he is able to flick tendrils and bolts of distortion with merely a gesture.Although wildly unpredictable he uses this new found weapon to his advantage and can find it doing anything from obliterating a landraider to merely warming up an opponent slightly!

    His legions now awaken and prepare to reclaim the surface of the planet.Great clouds of distortion flicker arund his legions taking them in and out of reality for mere moments to seconds at a time. Firepower bounces off them or just goes straight through them as the advance upon the battlefield.His warriors are invigorated while flickered out of reality and this seems to make their reanimation protocols more efficient as they rise again and again in an unstoppable wave.

    Vehicles of the dynasty are anohter matter entirely.The distortion around Raseptra and his legions affects his vehicles gravity thrusters on most of the necron vehicles.Wildly unpredictable and uncontrollable his vehicles are as liable to corkscrew madly at the enemy as they are to just stay still and unmoving. The only vehicles he finds unaffected by the distortion are the doom and nightscythes which can effectively fly above and cope with the bulk of the distortion.They arent totally safe however....

    Raseptras legions are now arrayed in battle formations and with all vehicles practically abandoned the dynasty marches to war.Attacked from above by orks and now from below by a totally new threat the imperial defenders find themselves fighting for their lives from all sides

    The war for Kaskad has begun...

    To start heres Raseptra himself,supreme overlord of the Ka`Thokt dynasty.

    Heres the first units of a planned 50 immortals

    Destroyer lord Syldron

    The half completed units syldron usually accompanies

    Raseptras personal assassins

    A few of the dynastys pets (i have 30 bases of these i think and 3 spyders)

    the 1st monolith

    The 1st awakenings (40 warriors of 140 done)

    oh yeah and heres what i currently own (apart from the planned additions)
    Heres the full army list

    zahndrekh and obyron
    overlord raseptra
    2 destroyer lords

    5 court lords
    5 court crypteks

    8x20 warriors with 4 arks
    30 immortals

    10 deatharks in scythe
    10 lychguard
    10 praetorians
    2 ctan
    4 triarch stalkers

    2x6 wraiths
    30 scarab swarms
    2x5 tomb blades
    2x5 destroyers
    3 heavy destroyers

    doomsday ark
    3 annihilation barges
    3 monoliths
    2 doomscythes
    3 spyders

    Planned additions
    nightshroud bomber
    9 acanthrites
    2 sentry pylons
    tesseract ark
    tomb stalker
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