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Thread: Why do games like Warmaster and LOTR and games like it fail

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    Re: Why do games like Warmaster and LOTR and games like it fail

    Quote Originally Posted by IcedCrow View Post
    Well from where I sit (not in the UK), the vast majority of the gamer population overall won't play anything that is not 40k, whfb, or warmachine with some dust tactics thrown in and flames of war for good measure. Trying to promote LOTR, hail caesar, etc... results in failure and no one showing up to demos or showing any interest in playing. That's failure to me. Its failing to attract a player base.
    From where I used to sit, playing historical and knowing about the "fluff" gave me the sweetest job I ever had. Mind you, travelling across Europe, scuba diving, taking two or three photographs, sunbathing, and being paid for that. Whereas debating about 40k fluff just is weird, taking about history that kind of fluff with beautiful girls people knowing a lots of things about that was really interesting.

    "Wow, you're an engeekneer and you know things about Polybios and Scipio ? Which one ? Both of them ? This is just AMAAAAZING."

    I didn't even know anything about most roman leaders before reading some fluff about that. Not history. Fluff. Because reading stuff about these guys is not better nor worse than reading stuff about Sanguinius or Nurgle (but probably much better than anything involving Draigo).

    Introducing them to 40k would just have met some harsh comment like "Toy soldiers ? Seriously ? Please. Grow up."
    They actually liked the idea of playing a "what if" Second Punic War with DBA.

    So, I guess historicals works with italian girls. Or maybe just with archaeology students (mostly girls) living in Italy (mostly italian).

    One of them is my fiancée now.

    Note to 40k players : switching to historicals may be good for you.
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