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Thread: Collecting an Adeptus Arbites Army - Space Police Enforcers

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    Collecting an Adeptus Arbites Army - Space Police Enforcers

    So I've been press-ganged into starting a 40K army and decided to start an Adeptus Arbites force. It's a project I've wanted to do for a while and have finally found the time to start. This is my first ever project log and will be all about my first foray into 6th Edition 40k; I'll update the plog with progress on my collecting, modelling, painting and playing. I'm not the best painter, and a pretty poor general, but I hope there's enough content to keep you entertained... and I'm hoping you guys give me motivation and advice :-)

    Why Adeptus Arbites?:
    I want to collect, paint and play something unusual, and field an army with a strong narrative - I'm honestly not bothered about competitive play and just want the models to tell a great story. I can imagine some fun scenarios using the Adeptus Arbites; quelling a local uprising, capturing an enemy commander for interrogation, raiding a fortification to search for evidence, being requisitioned by an Inquisitor to assist with a conflict in a neighbouring system, escorting a valuable asset to a secret location...

    And I have some nice ideas what I want to field; combat squads of judges holding the line with riot shields and shock mauls, squads of shotgun-armed judges providing fire-support, units of marksmen with sniper rifles eliminating key targets, units of all-terrain bikes zooming around the flank, a flyer or two as close air-support, and a couple of tanks to provide transport, some cover and medium fire-support.

    At the moment, I'm building the list using Codex: Space Marines, using Scout Squads as Adeptus Arbites. I considered using the rules from Codex: Imperial Guard but would prefer a smaller model count so went with the elite space marines. This way, I also have access to Scout Bikers, Storm Talons, and the Land Speeder Storm. My gaming group is also happy for me to take Rhinos / Razorbacks just for the look of the thing - they're a pretty easy-going bunch.

    EDITED - 10/09/13
    I'm now planning on using Codex: Grey Knights. The army will be lead by Inquisitor Coteaz, allowing Inquisitorial Henchmen to be taken as troops, which will count as Adeptus Arbites (human stats, carapace armour). Allies will be from Codex: Space Marines. Lead by a Space Marine Captain on Bike, my allied troops choice will be a squad of Space Marine Bikes (Adeptus Arbites on 'Lawmasters'!).

    To allow the army to grow, my Adeptus Arbites will be based on the Industrial World of Vostroya. I plan to (eventually) include some Imperial Guard allies; a Vostroyan infantry platoon, Sanctioned Psyker and a Punisher Leman Russ battle tank, as I love the models. All will add narrative and flavour. Not recruited from the local population, the Vostroyan Arbites will have a tough job on their hands, facing prejudice from the locals for being 'off-worlders' in addition to the friction caused by their role policing the local populace.

    I plan to build a nice scenery piece or two, including an Arbites precinct with landing pad.

    I'll base the Arbites on plastic Space Marine Scouts with shotguns and I'll swap the heads for Maxmini Space Police Helmets . I'll replace one shoulder pad with Micro Art Studios Eagle Shoulder Pads (set 3)

    I hope you enjoy the plog!

    On with the show!

    EDITED - 26/05/14
    Here's the 'army' so far (currently being used in Necromunda as the force grows). Read on to see how I got here:
    Click image for larger version. 

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