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Thread: Warhammer CE: the definitive rule set for WFB veterans

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    Warhammer CE: the definitive rule set for WFB veterans

    ---------------------------------------------------Warhammer CE---------------------------------------------------

    What is Warhammer CE?
    Warhammer CE is a ‘living’ (continuously supported) rule set for WFB based on 6/7th ed. WFB with the goal to provide a balanced and tactically challenging play environment.

    The Vision
    The vision of the Warhammer CE project is to create a tight rule set that allows for tactical, challenging, competitive play of WFB. This includes a revision of all army lists, which were the core of most problems that were game breaking and caused the most grievance.
    To reflect the feel of Warhammer battles on the tabletop, armies that are built around a core of infantry with support from other units will be the most effective army builds point for point. In this way, restrictions for army lists shouldn’t be necessary for the most part and would give players more freedom in list building, if they are willing to take the hit in competitiveness.
    In the end, games should be won by the tactics used on the tabletop, not by the army list brought to the game.

    Why is it needed?

    The policy of marketing driven game design employed by GW does not provide a balanced and tactically challenging play environment.

    What’s in for me as a player?
    - Game balance driven by math/analytics/metrics and play testing / player feedback, not by the need to shift product.
    - Gameplay based on the core mechanic of Combat Resolution. Thereby making reasonably large blocks of infantry, that provide an economical way of CR, an integral part of the game.
    - Point costs that reflect the ‘true’ battlefield value which provides better balance and, coupled with more options and control in creating army lists, results in more variety and individualisation.
    - More affordable and enjoyable armies
    --- Balanced and varied armies are the most powerful while themed armies are completely legal
    --- Optimum unit sizes are reasonable (e.g. 20-30 for Infantry, 6-7 for Cavalry)
    - The complete rule set is free! Buy some ‘old’ army books for the fluff and spend the money saved on more miniatures!

    Where do I start?
    All you need is the WarhammerCE LRB (see link below) which contains all the rules and army lists you need to play.

    How can I contribute?
    Feedback is always welcome. Me and my play group can only play so many games, so the more games are played and the more feedback we get, the better this rule set will become in turn, benefiting all players in the end. That’s the idea of a living rule set after all!

    Feel free to ask!
    I will try to reply and update this project as timely as possible.

    Have fun playing "classic" Warhammer in the Old World!

    Latest Update (January 10, 2020):

    - Added LRB v1.06 and corresponding changelog.

    Download Links:
    WarhammerCE LRB (all you need on 178 pages!): LRB v1.06 (January 10, 2020)
    Changelog: Changelog LRB v1.06

    ArmyCreator Thanks "Ovaron76" for the awesome armybuilder!


    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WCE Diagrams, FAQ and Maps.pdf 
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    If you are interested in experiencing WFB in a new way, have a look at the Warhammer CE: the definitive rule set for WFB veterans thread!

    Also check out the WFB CE Battle Report!

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