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Thread: A new hobby room means I need to get painting!

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    A new hobby room means I need to get painting!

    Hello everyone! My last few days off have been spent clearing an ugly old computer room and making a proper space to paint and display miniatures. I thought this was enough of an excuse to drop my rarely updated logs and just make one big one.

    I'm lucky enough to have recently crossed off two of my "hobby wishes" by being lucky enough to have two rooms to play with. One "wish" was to have a room to playing wargames (OK, and a place to keep books and other household items, but the floor space is for wargames!) where I'd be able to leave games set up if need be and have enough space for lots of terrain and boards, plus easy storage for the odd army. This will hopefully make it easier for my group to organise games and encourage more battles and hopefully branch out into different systems.

    Secondly, I finally have a room with dedicated areas for painting, photographing, illustration and the odd display case, too! Until now I've had to pack things up after painting (unlikely), or be a total slob and leave my kitchen table a mess, leading us to eat in front of the television (more likely).

    In short, I now have no excuses for not painting or playing!

    Below are my two display cabinets (the ubiquitous Ikea "DELTOF"). The plan is to only fill them with finished, recently painted models, rather than rushing to fill them with something I painted years ago. Basically, as I finish a model, in it goes! If I run out of room, then that's a "good problem" to have.

    Which, once full, I can gaze lovingly at as I type. Or, if I really crane my neck, as I draw at my slanted desk! (The plan is to convert it into an animators desk with light box)

    One thing I want to do, is display some of the prints I've collected over the years. I should have rolled this one back the other way after unraveling it, it still wants to roll itself back up!

    Painting desk, suspiciously neat. Can you tell how I made the paint rack?

    Yes, it's ten Ikea "BEKVÄM" spice racks They are held together with vecro sicky dots. This way, I can take them apart again later if I want to. The bottom ones have felt pads so I can move them easily. I worried that they'd be unsteady stacked this high, but it doesn't seem to be an issue. I'll add a couple of angle brackets to the bottoms to act as feet, just in case.

    That's it for now! I've enjoyed living vicariously for years watching other people set up rooms, so I hope you enjoy.
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