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    Terrain is Not Free, Citizen!

    Greetings Getz-fans!

    AS followers of my other project logs may be aware, Dakkagor and I are running a huge demonstration match in August at an event held in the Royal Artillery Museum in London.

    Problem is, we don't have the 6x8 table to play it on... At least, not until now...

    Our mission, if we chose to accept it, to build a modular 6x8 games tables featuring a detailed tranch network in only four days!

    Could we do it? Well lets see...

    Day one in the Big Board House.

    First of all, a quick idea of what we're actually buildng. The 6x8 area will be made up of four 4x3 modular boards, two featuring the trench network and two ith generic, open terrain. The Trench network tables will be usuable asa distict 6x4 table in their own right, as will the other two tables.

    This is is a picture of Dakkagor squatting on front of some of the raw materials... as you can see, he's quite a handsome chap

    We went to the trouble of buying the basis of the job last week, in the form of the MDF and Expanded Polystyrene sheet but we still needed to go out and buy additional raw materials in the form of Glue, Polyfilla (Spackle in the US, I believe) Brown paint and Gaffer Tape for the board edges. This reqired a trip to the local B&Q (a DIY superstore, for the non-British). However, when we got back we discovered we'd locked ourselves out - forcing us to go to the cinema for three hours to watch X Men 3 until my brother got home from work and let us in...

    Our starting point is four pre-cut sheets of 15mm MDF. This was the single most expensive purchase of the project, costing us £35 for the lot (including the off cuts which we intend to make a 4x4 cityfight board out of at some later date).

    Onto this, we stuck a 50mm layer of EPS. The EPS came in 8x2 sheets so we had to buy three and cut them. This is me, cutting up polystyrene...

    The EPS sheet was stuck into place using Impact adhesive of a quick and firm bond... Here is Dakkagor and myself applying the adhesive and this pretty young thing is Dakkagor's Girlfriend, who took some of the pictures and helped us out with the gluing.

    This is where we ran into our first problems, the EPS wasn't quite wide enough to cover the entire board, so we had to use some strip I'd been carefully hording to fill the gap, leaving us with three boards that looked a little like this...

    Then we did the last board...

    The material losses from cutting the EPS had been greater than we'd estimated and we were left with this particular yawning chasm... Once again, the gap was filled with polystyrene sheet horded for bunker and hill building, and even then there was a still a big hole - as evidenced buy this picture.

    Final task of the day was tidying up the edges of the table with a hot wire cutter and finishing the edges with Black Gaffer tape...
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