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    Give_me_a_D's Index Xenos

    Please Note: I've been having problems with photos (first with photobucket and then with google). I have worked through the plog to replace the images (what a tedious process), if you notice any gaps please let me know.

    Now that this log has got to more than a few pages I thought I'd do a bit of a contents list -

    Page 1:

    I introduce my Tau Empire project:
    Test out my colour scheme for fire warriors and kroot;
    Start converting a battlesuit commander;
    Design and print a sheet of transfers; and
    Paint a unit of fire warriors

    Page 2:
    I put together a unit of pathfinders;
    Mess about with some LEDs;
    Convert an Ethereal;
    Paint the Pathfinders;
    Finish my battlesuit commander conversion and paint him;
    Talk a bit about my super awesome drone 'stands';
    Build and paint my skyray/ devilfish; and
    Build and paint a unit of XV25 Stealthsuits;

    Page 3:
    I paint my converted Ethereal;
    Build and paint my Riptide;
    Build and paint a collection of models, mostly pathfinders; and
    Build and paint my Skyshark/ Razorshark;

    Page 4:
    I paint missile drones for my Broadsides;
    Show off the whole army;
    Build and paint my 3 Broadsides;
    Paint another couple of Pathfinders;
    Start a conversion of Longstrike but then decided to get the GW model;
    Paint Longstrike;
    Paint Darkstrider;
    Show off conversions of a load of crisis suits;
    Paint one of the crisis suits; and
    Did a group shot of my Broadsides

    Page 5: (new pics from here)
    I paint another crisis suit;
    Build and paint my Finecast battlesuit commander;
    Paint a unit of Vespid;
    Show off the painting over the last year; and
    Paint the Burning Dawn Ethereal.

    Page 6:
    Paint Shadowsun
    Start building my Stormsurge

    [B]Page 7:[B]
    Started painting the Blackstone Fortress Kroot mercenary Dahyak Grekh

    __________________________________________________ _____________________________

    Some of you might be aware from my Chaos log that covers my Daemons and Chaos Space Marines that I have from time to time been distracted by various zenos projects. The main one of which is Craftworld Eldar, which is the army that originally got me into 40k many years ago, but there is also a sizable pile of Ork stuff in my hobby room, sadly mostly unassembled and unpainted.

    My past dabblings have included:

    The recent attention that GW has given to the Eldar and other non-space marine forces has tempted me once more. However, I am planning a new project to kick off this log which is something a bit different...
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