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Thread: Guderian 412th Imperial guard army

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    Guderian 412th Imperial guard army

    Hi there,

    I'm new to the forum, but have been looking at threads on This site for quite some time now. Looking at the yaw-dropping photos of models made by model masterminds like mr Blackadder, Tinners king azog and lots of you other guys.

    I finally made the chose to make my own thread. I have been into 40k for about 18 years now. It all started with space quest (lol) and collected models from a bunch of different armies. My first real army was Tau but the possibilities for converting were limited at the time in my opinion so I switch over to space marines and started to make a fully converted White Scar army. Then a new marine codex was introduced (can't remember which edition) which for me made there rules suck. This brought me to go for another army namely the Iron hands. But after a while (couplle of years) I wanted more of only one thing. TANKS! And what better an army to go for then the Imperial Guard. Hence the Guderian 412th was born.

    now after a lot of time it is nearing completion, modelling wise that is and I'll be posting photos of the all.

    have fun watching and I'm looking forwards to your advice, tips and feedback.

    First off, my tank company commander. A Leman Russ Vanquisher. Enjoy

    Front view

    Left side

    Right side


    EDIT: well here we go first edited post with resized pics hope you like it more now then in the past

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