... In an instant I beheld uprisen
At once three hellish furies stain'd with blood:
in limb and motion feminine they seem'd;
Around them greenest hydras twisting roll'd
Their volumes; adders and cerastes crept
Instead of hair, and their fierce temples bound...

...Turn thyself round, and keep
Thy count'nance hid; for if the Gorgon dire
Be shown, and thou shouldst view it, thy return
Upwards would be for ever lost.

Dante's Inferno: Canto 9[/left]

Started the Medusa build in June 2016 apparently: Something Wicked This Way Comes...

She lingered in the 'to-do' pile for many, many months, occasionally having a bit added here and there, or a bit removed, or something sculpted - then torn off and redone.

I will give her this - she's persistent; when I started her I really had no idea where she was going to fit into my convoluted fluff.

Then this image came along:

Medusa - Unknown Artist

Add to this the emerging concept of the Night Witches and a way ahead for her construction revealed itself, and - just as important - a place for her in my story line.

And so here's Medusa:

Her torso, head, left arm, shoulder armour and most of her right arm are from the Bloodwrack Medusa.

I repositioned some of the smaller snakes, and then added the larger serpents that were cut from the Bloodwrack Medusa's weird snake-body and over many attempts were pinned, glued, re-glued, broken off, cursed at - one was even eaten by my cat! - re-pinned, re-glued and finally smoother over with milliput paste to get them to stay in position.

The legs are from either Dark Elf Witches or Dark Eldar, can't remember - probably one from each! The armoured waistband is from the ubiquitous donor Melusai kit - love that kit!

The skirt tails are two ribbon-thingys cut from Harlequin dancer legs, pinned and glued in under the waist armour

The right hand is again from a Dark Eldar or Dark Elf kit, with a brass wrist guard to hide and strengthen the join under it - original intention was to sculpt a copy of the Bloodwrack vambraces but in the spirit of my new 'get on with it' modelling philosophy, I'll just leave it as is... probably.

The lower half of the spear is from probably an old Dark Elf kit and the lower bit being from the Skitarii kit - another stellar donor kit! The upper staff is brass tube, with a pin glued into the spear head from the ancient High Elf Prince and Noble kit - hopefully it helps sell the Greek mythology vibe these Night Witches seem to have going, anyway.

Thanks for looking!