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Thread: Machineries and machinations: a skaven plog

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    Machineries and machinations: a skaven plog

    Christmas 2011 I bought a skaven army boxed set, and I've bought enough other skaven stuff to make an army, and I still haven't painted it.

    The one complete unit I have is this counts-as Warp Lightning Cannon, made from the spares after assembling a plague catapult.

    Still to finish (or start)
    Plague catapult
    Doom Wheel
    120 basic skaven
    40 stormvermin
    40 plague monks
    6 Rat ogres and handlers
    Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace
    2xCharacters and whatnot from the starter box
    Forge World Vermin Lord!

    Here are some test figures. I'm not going to be able to spend much time on individual models, so I aim to use simple patterns and a John Blanche colour scheme (brown, red, orange, yellow, white, and lots of sepia) to produce a nicely coherent tabletop standard force.

    The idea of the plague monks is to use dirty white robes (suggesting religious affiliation or medical experimentation) with red skaven runes daubed on them to evoke the idea of red X's used to mark plague houses etc (the monks would see this as a badge of pride).

    Phase one is to finish some of the war machines, one starter set of skaven and 20 plague monks and storm vermin, so I have some of everything complete. That's 80+ figures to be going on with!
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