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Thread: Boogeymen; From Restart to Finish

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    Boogeymen; From Restart to Finish

    Hey everyone, me again. I won't rabble on long before the good stuff. I closed the old Boogeymen thread for a few reasons, mainly to avoid confusion between the old Boogeymen and the new. If you want to check out the old plog click here. Some of the fluff has changed, as has the overall 'style' of the army. I really wasn't taking the previous Boogeymen plog very seriously but I had a lot of fun hearing everyone's input and it was good practice for sculpting. Now I want to take my concept for this mercenary renegade force into a more serious character (they felt cartoonish to me before). This means tons of custom gear, lots of knives, and plenty of camo. And no more rag masks with eyes stamped on

    What's in the works?
    -Veteran Squad (WIP & PIP)
    -Shambler 'Sentinel' (WIP)
    -Leman Russ Battle Tank (ready for paint)
    -Vendetta Gunship (WIP)

    Project updates will also be noted at the bottom of this post.

    I bring you tidings of pictures to make up for my first posts lack of content. I'm going for a rag-tag combat engineer look with the Vet squad coming up. First group is ready to prime, second needs final conversions. Also pic quality in two is pretty meh...sorry.

    And this is my current obsession. My new take on the Shambler, still WIP. Funny story, this was initially planned as a Heavy Weapons team like the Shamblers before. Well...just take a look.

    Forgot I had some updated fluff:

    The Shambler is an extreme variation of a servitor thought to be designed by the Dark Magos. Whoever the source, the manufacturers happily equip renegade forces with a range of Shambler variants. These cybernetic hulks charge headlong towards their target, guns belching a hail of heavy munitions. Despite the awkward mechanical gait that earned their name, Shambler's are swift and utterly ruthless in the elimination of an enemy. Just as terrifying as their reputation on the battlefield is the manner in which these abominable devices come into being. The process starts with an Ogryn slave. The Ogryn is forced into radical reconstructive surgery and after a bit of lobotomizing and a great deal amputating the wretched soul is subjected to mutagenic warp magics that allow what is left of his body to 'fill the suit'. This process bonds the biological and mechanical systems of the Shambler, making it possible for one system to all but fail before the other cant cope. This has led some to believe the Shamblers to be demonic, however such claims remain unsubstantiated.

    This will probably be running as a Sentinel with an Autocannon if house rules aren't available. This is also the craziest kit bash I have ever done. Lots of spare tank bits so I will probably make another. If you would like a list of bits I will do my best to remember them all.

    Anyways, I need a nap.
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