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    Verdekil XVIII: Welcome To The Jungle


    Hello everyone! It's been several years since I last posted here, with the main reason being that a succession of image hosts have failed me., forever the best, totally vanished and I lost all of my photos along with it. I then moved to Photobucket, but even with minimal uploads my "limits were exceeded" consistently. Then moved to Imgur, but the website doesn't load on my mobile and nobody could open my gallery links. So finally, after some urging, I've caved and made an Instagram account. It's a very poor image host, but at least it's easy to share a link to.

    Speaking of which, click here to see the Instagram gallery. I'll be slowly populating it with all my models from the past few years, so give it a "follow" to see everything.

    Here's a few of my favorite models since I stopped posting on Warseer:

    There's a TON more on the Instagram account, and more will continue to go up in the coming weeks. Hope to see you there!


    Last Updated 07/17/13

    I've been running four different project logs for the past long time - Tyranids, Eldar, Catachan, and terrain - and now that all of them are nearing completion with only sporadic updates to each, I figured I'd combine them all into one log. Links to the original logs can be found by clicking the names of each. I'll be using this topic mostly to post updated versions of units as I go back and touch them up to bring them to a higher standard. If you want to see years and years worth of updates and WIP shots for each army, check out the old topics!

    Check back here for hobby updates, battle shots, and maybe a bit of fluff. These first few posts will be updated every now and then when I have nice 'finished' shots of models, but you'll have to read along to see most of the updates. Eventually my brother and I would like to play a campaign from Kill Team up to Apocalypse, so that might happen someday too. Hope you enjoy!


    Verdekil XVIII is a lush jungle world on the cusp of Death World classification. Its most valuable resource is its diverse plant life, which offers Magos Biologis infinite opportunities to explore new avenues of creating medicines, combat stimm-drugs, virulent weapon-toxins, and more. Small research outposts dot the planet’s surface, with detachments of Catachan JP Regiment assigned to each.

    Over the course of surveying the planet, mysterious ruins have come to light. Abandoned structures, most of unknown function, show both a strong xenos influence as well as reflecting an amalgamation of human cultures. Explorator teams have been sent out to uncover the story behind these heretical ruins, and the few that return point towards Verdekil XVIII as an Eldar Maiden World in which the aliens returned and, in fickle Eldar fashion, actually formed a peaceful accord with settling interlopers instead of exterminating them. But where the Eldar are now, nobody know.

    As more research outposts fall silent, the race is on to harvest Verdekil XVIII’s biological and cultural secrets before the encroaching Tyranid Splinter Fleet arrives in full force and wipes it from the galactic map. Unless the isolated Catachan garrisons can find powerful allies soon, Verdekil XVIII is doomed to be scoured within the next few short months…

    The Planet of Verdekil XVIII

    Ever since starting my Tyranid army in 2005, I’ve imagined having a jungle table for them to fight on. This slowly started to take shape over the years, but since I traveled for school and work I was restricted to working a tiny bit at a time when I was ‘home’ at my parents’ house. Now I’m finally living somewhere I can keep my models, so the jungle table is becoming a reality! I’m a zoology major who’s worked in climbing courses, wilderness schools, outdoor education centers, river guiding outfits and trail construction/maintenance crews – so having a table that reflects some of the great outdoors and the animals that inhabit it is very important to me! The name ‘Verdekil XVIII’ came about as a play on my current address, where all of the terrain and models reside.

    Verdekil XVIII is primarily a lush, tropical planet. There are stripes of cold rocky barrenness or scorching desert, but most of the interest lies in the jungle regions. There are the valuable and deadly flora, the exceedingly dangerous saurian fauna, and the mysterious ruins and artifacts.

    Some Imperial outposts exist, and only constant vigilance keeps them safe from both creeping overgrowth and native predations.
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