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Thread: Faolan gets lost, a dozen projects at a time!

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    Faolan gets lost, a dozen projects at a time!


    Right, this project still kinda goes, but not much really. I've diverted onto Chaos for a bit, so if you skip to page 10, that's where that starts.

    I'm going to ask a mod, maybe the estimable Necromunda Spidersman himself, to move and rename this to the appropriate section.

    There will still be IG, there will be SM, there will be Chaos, and there will be my custom sculpted daemons. There just won't be a new thread because I'm a lazy git.


    So here I am, finally starting my own log. Yay, woo, etc.

    Instead of outlining months of planning, quibbling, dribbling, and slacking, I'll just quickly bring everyone up to speed.

    The plan so far:
    Secure 10 Leman Russ Phaeton Pattern tanks. (Completed)
    Acquire 3 Baneblade Superheavies. (33% Complete)
    Procure 3 Demolisher 'Ryza III' Pattern. (Completed)
    Obtain integrated artillery support. (Complete- 1 Basilisk)
    Requisition supporting infantry. (10% complete)

    Finagle out specialist armour reinforcements- Exterminators, Annihilators, Vanquishers. (Completed)
    Negotiate with Princeps for dedicated support from Legio Boomicus. (10% complete)
    Call in close air support.
    Hijack an AirCav unit.

    Points breakdown ("The plan so far"):
    10 Leman Russ Phaeton Pattern tanks - 1700pts :
    Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Pintle (or Coaxial) Heavy Stubbers, Smoke Grenade Launcher. (170pts each)
    N.B.: 1750 when used as Emperor's Fist Co.
    N.B.: Equipping entire group with extra armour +50 or Track Guards +100.

    3 Ryza III Demolisher Tanks - 600 pts:
    Hull Mounted Lascannon, Plasma Sponsons, Pintle Heavy Stubber, Smoke Grenade Launcher. (200pts each)
    N.B.: +15pts for Extra Armour, +30pts for Track Guards.

    3 Baneblade Superheavy Tanks - 1947:
    Pintle Mounted Heavy Stubber, Smoke Grenade Launcher. (649pts each)
    N.B.: 2197 when fielded as Steel Fury Co.

    1 Basilisk- 100pts:
    No Upgrades planned. He looks lonely, he may need friends. Is Indirect Fire worth the 25points? We'll see.

    # Unknown, Armoured Fist Squads - 130pts:
    No upgrades decided yet, may change prices.

    Total points solidly planned so far: 4347.

    Right, so now, Phase 1 is "Completed". Phase 1 being "Initial Planning".

    Simultaenously, Phases 2 and 3 are "Underway".
    Phase 2: Purchasing
    Phase 3: Assembling

    Phase 4 is halted pending field modifications.
    Phase 4: Painting

    Phase 2 Status Report: Need 1 Demolisher, 2 Baneblades, Armoured Fist squads.

    Phase 3 Status Report: 9/10 Phaetons Assembled, sans sponsons (See Addendum A), some undergoing field modifications (See Addendum B). 2/3 Demolishers Assembled, undergoing field conversions (See Addendum C). Baneblades 0/3: reports from Forge World Ruhr report various delays - Inquisitorial investigation has been despatched. 1/1 Basilisk sub-assembled, pending Phase 4 work.

    Phase 4 Status Report: Halted due to field conversions.

    Photos are giving me issues, continuing to kick the internet.

    In the mean time, a few explanations, notes, etc:

    The group will most likely not be using the tradition (historical) 2AD emblem. I have nothing but the highest regard for this, one of the finest fighting units in history, but by gods, the US Army stuck them with an insignia that looks like moldy ****.

    Unit designations are not American, they're Commonwealth Cavalry; ie platoons are known as "Troops" and companies are "Squadrons".

    Let me be the first to say that I hate these "triangular troops", I much prefer the "square" setup, where each unit size is made up of 4 parts, instead of the triangular 3. However, I'll work with what I've got and it'll make the dues.

    1st Squadron (name not picked yet) will consist of 2 troops of Leman Russes, the Demolisher troop, and be rounded out by a command tank (another Russ).

    Tentatively, 1st Squadron's troops will be "Widowmakers", "Wolf's Dragoons", and "Revenants". (Ok, I admit it, too much playing of Battletech) Each will have their own insignia.

    2nd Squadron is made up solely of 3 Baneblade superheavy tanks. "Defiance", "Ave Imperator", and "Righteous Fury".

    So far, the Basilisk is the only member of it's "Troop", and the name for both the gun and the Troop is undecided (taking suggestions).

    Armoured Fist units will end up being formed up into their own troop, "Hurley's Hussars", named for a buddy of mine who used to drive M-113s over in Germany.

    Let's get the obligatory shots out of the way...

    And the answer is no, no I can't find anything on there. That's what makes things fun!

    Updates of sorts:
    All Leman Russes are undergoing "Ryza III" upgrades similar to the Demolishers. This consists of a rebuilt front-end box, and new exhaust systems. Most will be acquiring DKK air filtration upgrades as well.

    4 Armoured Fist units are planned, each with 3 vehicles. They'll be colour coded Red, Yellow, Green and Blue in addition to their troop names.

    3 Rough Rider units are planned - 1 mounted on Moas (10), and 2 more mounted on Cold Ones ("old" and "new" cold ones, 5 each).

    Thudd Guns are on order, along with a FW Hellhound and Griffin.

    Due to the exchange rates and pricing here in Australia, it's actually $1 more to replace a normal "IG Sentinel" with Elysian Sentinels from FW, so guess what else is on order...

    Right now the biggest hold-up is waiting on parts to show up so I fix them and paint. Of course, I was slack in sending them out, so that's not really surprising.
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