Last post 2013... oof, that's a serious gap! Over the last years I haven't had much time and space to hobby, but now that I have my very own mancave hobbying can commence again!

Hiding under a layer of dust the boys from the IInd Medlem regiment where waiting to be picked up again. After a quick stop at the local gamestore I now have the following models waiting to be painted and assembled:

  • Company commander with command squad (awaiting assembly )
  • 1st platoon commander with command squad ( awaiting assembly )
    • Alpha section (assembled and painted)
      10 troopers
    • Bravo section (assembled and basecoated)
      10 troopers
    • Heavy weapons support squad (based and partially assembled)
  • Veterans (halfway painted)
    10 veterans
  • Demolisher (halfway assembled)
  • Chimera dedicated transport (assembled)

With alle the models bought yesterday an extra troop section or heavy weapon support squad can be added to this force. At the moment I want to finish the Chimera transport, Bravo section and the first commander and command squad. For the command squad I'm still deciding what weapons I should give them.

Click image for larger version. 

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I don't really like the lay-out of the current chimera, so after researching chimera conversion I opted for this reasonably easy conversion. After a few hours of work I'm pretty pleased with the result. In the background you can vaguely make out the other troops listed above.

Until next time (hopefully a couple of days instead of years )