Initially, it was simply meant to be a chassis between the Rhino and the Land Raider. I had the idea before FW released the Sicaran, but then they did, and I chose to take a bit of its design DNA and blend it with my concept to create this.

Now, I think it's scaled well to continue to fit the original role but also be a Primaris vehicle for someone who doesn't want the anti-grav look and/or a 'true scale' counts-as Rhino for a collector who wants a vehicle that looks like it could more realistically fit 10 Marines.

Additionally, I want to create a smaller version that's closer to a Rhino in size (not just scaled but a unique-but-similar design created to be that size) and version that's close to the Land Raider's size. And before anyone asks, yes turrets, sponsons, and other weapon systems are also part of those plans.