More on Armiger weapons and the like in the near future, but now itís time for something not quite so completely differentÖ

∙ Remember this little biological component? Well, I tried to ignore the idea for later but then this happenedÖ

∙ Forgive me Omnissiah, for I have innovated! I beg your forgiveness as I commit these acts in your honour and glory.

Having a deep understanding of gravity manipulating technologies the Archaeopters of the Atrum Laboris forge world employ exotic anti-gravity arrays to provide lift and remarkable maneuverability to the craft.

My plan is to create nose mounted Las-cannons (which makes more sense to me than mounting them in the rear) and combined with the pictured Phosphor Blasters and under-wing bombs, the builder can make the kit with more options on where to mount the weapon systems; strafing gunboat with forward facing main weapons, the bomber with under-wing bombs plus front and rear facing Heavy Stubbers, and the Transport just needs to lose the bombs. Despite me using a backdrop image with them pictured the Heavy Stubbers sticking out of the doors just seemed like a crude solution to me and this setup removes their need. Also, a replacement tail component is in the works but itís still quite rough. Iím keeping the vertical fin/flap but replacing the bottom fins/flaps with a smaller anti-gravity array.

Like I said earlier. I'm trying to stay productive in preparation for future plans. Focused? Not so much. I probably should have worked on something else and saved this for later but this idea got in my head and I couldn't let it go until I could see it properly.