Ok, Iíve got no choice but to trim more out of the large post Iím working on. Iím stuck at a certain point and these images/projects simply take the post off in another direction just when Iím explaining my thinking and then I need to pull it back to what Iím trying to get across.

∙ With no AdMech kits left to assemble but a mound of bits to work with I found myself compelled to create this counts-as Daedalosus and it turned out better than I expected.

Like with the other Daedalosus I showed previously everything except the Electro-priest legs is spare bits bashed together, even the outer robe from the Infiltrator kit, that Iím so amazed it fits as seamlessly as it does; I kept looking at the spare Infiltrator robe and the E-priest legs and it seemed like they would fit together very easily but I had to chop them up to find out. Given that the robe adds a lot of motion I fiddled around with the arms quite a bit to try and get a pose that compliments the happy accident I had created. Itís very dramatic combined with the rather static legs so I tried to give a sense that heís spinning around to take a shot with the pistol at a target the servo-skull as picked out. This was my first try at making an Eradication Pistol and it wasnít bad, but the solution I came up with for the other Daedalosus above was so good Iíve replaced the one pictured here with the improved version.

∙ Iím not that fond of the official Manipulus model and I still had another set of Electro-priest legs kicking around (*Groan* Dad joke? *Nod* Dad joke.) so I picked over the pile-oí-bits again to see what I could come up with.

Ok, so I need an Omnissian Staff and some kind of shooty gizmo that can counts-as two obscure weapons. Yeah, Iíve got enough odds-and-ends that I can come up with that. Iím happy with the staff, but while the rule of 40k is that over-the-top is usually a good thing I think the shooter might be a bit too, err, over-the-top-heavy. Itís not the worst solution but I think Iíll keep looking for another opportunity to bash something together thatís more suitable for the role. Iíve also just noticed that I overlooked that the Manipulus has Mechadendrites (Considering the official miniature, of course he does, until you break them all off one-by-one) so Iíll have to see what I can come up with to evolve this idea just a bit more. But, not bad for a start of just bashing spare bits together to see what comes out the other side.

Adeptus Mechanicus is comfortably settling in alongside Chaos as a favorite for converting, bashing, and scratch building, with so many opportunities to mix things up. I canít wait to get back to my Chaos to explore some darker ideas, and then blend the two factions as I start to contemplate my proper Dark Mechanicus and how theyíll be made real. I still suspect that GW will make them a proper faction someday, but who knows how far out that is, so until then Iíll keep working towards my own Darker goalsÖ