Hi all,

Currently I'm laid up at home after ACL reconstruction (sport...don't bother. No ones every needed surgery after a game of warhamster).

Youch. Anyway, whilst on leave from work I am unable to physically clear out wargaming stuff I don't need, so instead I'm going to tackle the stuff I want to keep. These are all the projects I've put on the back burner - models I don't use often (or at all), models for "that project I'm not starting yet but I will do", models I started but havn't finished, or models I just don't want to get rid of. These will be random models, not tied to one company, army, system or base type. I will be a true hobby hero!

So, my mission should I choose to accept it - paint one model a day.

So whats one model?

- a 25mm/30mm based character
- 3 cavalry based models
- a model on a greater that 25mm/30mm base
- 5 "rank and file" grunts/figures


On a day I am "hobbying" (gaming already) then I will not paint. Also, for any day I may be away (physio, docs appts) I will attempt to preempt by painting an extra model before, or catching myself up at a later date.

So, let the challenge commence!