For years I've been wanting to create my own ships. I started scratchbuilding some Ork ships (see some of those results here), but after that I stopped building ships for a long time.

Now with the wonderful opportunities of 3d printing and CNCing, I decided to give it another shot.

I've always been in love with the Homeworld ships, so I started designing something inspired by it.

And here the latest version:

A friend of mine has a CNC machine that can cut stuff in 3d, but he isn't sure if the machine will be able to cut the model since it's going to be very small. Which leaves me to ponder a bit. What can I do? I know there are 3d printing services out there, but most of the 3d printed stuff I've seen seems to lack in detail (even stuff that is meant to be detailed). Furthermore, it's going to be rather expensive to print without hollowing out the model (and even then it will most likely be expensive). Also, hollowing the model out might not be such a great idea for a prototype if I would want to cast it later on (pressure can break the model).

I remember in the past GW used to have these '3 times as bigger' versions of their models, I vaguely remember reading about it in a WD once that it was part of the production process. Anybody got more info or experiences regarding that?