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Thread: Battle Brush Studios gets a lick of the Flames of War - Two weeks to paint an army.

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    Battle Brush Studios gets a lick of the Flames of War - Two weeks to paint an army.

    ...well, two weeks and a bit.

    If you've read any of my other historical Plogs I always like to give some historical context along with every project I tackle. This time I have to keep it short so this will have to do:

    This is all you have to know for now, comrades.

    It's been a while since this was the case the last time but I spent most of the day cleaning, building and basing these models. As the horde grew, it got more and more daunting, despite my attempts at organizing it somehow:

    ...and that's not even all of the infantry and artillery. The flame thrower platoon hides in the lower left corner, then there's another artillery battery, batalion HQ and then there's of course... the tanks.

    Experts have worked out that during the 1940s and 50s the average soviet citizen never left home without at least 10 T-34 with him.

    Then there's a bunch of SU-100s. The only reason why all of that isn't built yet is that I ran out of super glue.

    Before tackling this I got the accompanying Osprey book of course.

    So that's all for now. Tomorrow I'll build the rest of the units, get these rascals primed and will see that I get as many of those as possible basecoated. Update intervals on this project probably will be rather short so keep on checking in! Comments, critique, hints and questions are highly welcome as always!

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