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    Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl!

    This is a bloodbowl plog where I will paint bloodbowl teams and other related minis. Now do you maybe wonder, what is bloodbowl? Blood Bowl is a two-player, turn-based board game that typically uses 28 mm miniatures to represent a contest between two teams on a playing field. A board containing a grid overlay represents the field. Using dice, cards, and counters, the players attempt to score higher than each other by entering the opponent's end zone with a player who possesses the ball.

    If you want to know how to play bloodbowl, here is a link to the "Rule Book". There is also a rulebook for more squishy teams, also known as stunty teams, here is a link to the "Stunty Leeg Rule Book". If you read the rulebook and want to try playing the game then can you join "Fumbbl" where you can create a team and play against other coaches. If you want tips on how to develope your team or just want to know more about the players, then here is a link to "Coachs Blood Bowl Tactics". If you still hunger for more info here is a link to ""Wiki bloodbowl page"".

    I started this plog because I got some teams that i want to build and to get myself to finish a job will I try not do any other models until a project is finished (AKA got a playable team). When I start a project can you expect my update to be about that team and if I start doing other models please make me staph!!!

    I am a Swedish student and my favorite hobby is bloodbowl. I started playing bloodbowl for about ten years ago but back then did we only play maybe seven games before testing some other games. About two years ago did me and a friend start playing a few games and I was hooked. Now am I active in three local leagues here in my hometown and I have started competing in bigger tournaments here in Sweden, last year did I travel to Varberg and played a tourney at Warcon and also to Örebro and competed at Narke bowl. This year have I been to Malmö Masters where I got to play against some Danish opponents, had a hard time understand what they were saying but they were a jolly bunch of people and I had a blast. I have just started up a new league here in my hometown where we play with only stunty teams. I planning to travel to Stockholm and compete at Stock bowl and also participate at a practice tourney with Team Sweden. I hope you will enjoy reading my plog.

    List of Content:
    I'am starting up a local Stunty Leeg in my hometown and just finnished painting my Squig Herder team and thought about starting a plog about my bloodbowl projects. Teams that I have finished or will be working on in a near future are:

    Teams featured in the plog:

    Goblin - Disasterous Delirium Clan - Done.
    Squig Herders - Disasterous Delirium Clans Herders - Done.
    Goblin Cheaters- Disasterous Delirium Clans Cheaters - Done.
    Forest Goblin - Disasterous Delirium Clans Shamans - 2 Spiderriders wip.
    Chaos - Redskin Riot - Done.
    Orcs - Redskin Greenskin - Done
    Skaven - Verminton Tailgunners - Done
    Snotling - Done
    Ogre - Need 1 more Ogre & Starplayer Brick and Grotty
    Albino Fae - Chaos Entities United - Done
    Chaos Dwarfs - Santa Claws & his little helpers -Done
    Nurgle - Heppatit Elite

    Nurglings - WIP need moar paint on big guys
    Vampire - Iced
    Lizardmen - Done but planning a new team or repaint.
    Multi Elf - Wip

    NAF-ranked Tournaments:
    3/2/1 – NärkeBowl 2013 – Norse – 7/26
    2/1/3 – Malmö BloodBowl Masters – Norse – 13/20
    5/1/0 – Stock Bowl Cup IV – Skaven – 1/46 *Champion*
    5/1/0 – Doubt V – Skaven – 3/24 *Top Scorer*
    3/2/1 – Super Brawl – Skaven – 7/32
    1/1/2 – GothBowl XI – Goblin – 10/14 *Best Stunty*
    3/3/0 – The NAF Championship (England) 2415 – Skaven – 20/164
    3/1/2 – Sweden Blood Bowl Championship – Skaven – 10/25
    3/0/0 – Sin City Bowl (USA) – Skaven – 1/24 *Champion*
    3/1/2 – Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament – Ogre – 6/18 *Best Stunty*
    3/1/1 – Oktober Bowl – Chaos – 5/30
    2/1/3 – Eurobowl (Belgium) – Skaven – Team 7/18 – Personal 72/144
    4/0/2 – Stock Bowl Cup V – Skaven – 10/40 *Top Scorer*
    The Swedish Spring Series 2515 started:
    3/2/1 – Doubt VI – Skaven – 2/22 – 13pts
    0/3/2 – Banquet Bowl – Orc – 11/12 – 2pts
    3/3/0 – NärkeBowl – Wood Elf (2/1/0) / Elf (1/2/0) – 1/24+7/23 = 3/24 *Day 1 Winner**Top Scorer* 12pts
    3/1/1 – GothBowl XII – Dark Elf – 2/18 *Top coach Day 1 & Dungeon Bowl Winner Day 2**Top Scorer* 12pts
    3/0/2 – StockBowl Team Cup – Goblin(3/0/2) & Team(4/1/0) – individual(10/24) & Team(1/6) *Team Champions**Best Stunty*11pts
    The Swedish Spring Series 2515 ended: 1/61*Champion* 1/12*Best Stunty*37pts/11pts
    3/1/2 – NAF Championship 2015 (England) – Halfling – 58/150 *Best Stunty*
    2/2/2 – Pouring Rain (Norway) – Chaos Pact – 12/22
    4/0/2 – StockBowl VI – Orc – 10/46
    6/1/2 – World Cup 3 (Italy) – Wood Elf – 55/912 – Team: Swedish Blood Bowl Alliance – 5/2/2 – 15/152
    The Swedish Spring Series 2516 started:
    3/1/2 – Doubt SE7EN – Chaos Dwarf – 9/24

    Upcoming NAF-ranked Tournaments:

    AdventureBowl – 6-7 February (Östersund)
    Necronomican Bowl – 5-6 March (Stockholm)
    GothBowl – 19-20 March (Göteborg)
    StockBowl Team Cup – 9-10 April (Stockholm)
    NAFC – 30 April - 1 May (Nottingham)
    BeerBeer Open - 21 May (Finland)
    MelisqusBowl – 28-29 May (Göteborg)
    Buzzqvarna Cup – 18 june (Umeå)

    Team Records:
    Result – Team – Ranking
    70/29/33 – Total – -------
    31/11/9 – Skaven – 204.01
    8/2/2 – Wood Elf – 196.55
    3/1/1 – Chaos – 161.20
    3/1/2 – Halfling – 158.57
    5/3/4 – Norse – 157.63
    3/1/1 – Dark Elf – 157.38
    1/2/0 – Elf – 155.55
    3/1/2 – Chaos Dwarf – 155.44
    4/3/4 – Orc – 155.14
    4/1/4 – Goblin – 154.55
    3/1/2 – Ogre – 154.33
    2/2/2 – Chaos Pact – 151.24

    Alternative Blood Bowl Versions/Rules:
    Shot Block - Drinking game and are my own deranged creation
    Stunty Leeg Handbook - Big thanks to the guys at Fumbbl that developed this!

    My OTTOs/special plays:
    OTTO 3MID 5player - Ex. of a Skaven OTTO
    Clean OTTO
    vs Ozt
    vs Mufflo
    vs Dirold
    vs Pellevin

    Recomended guides & other stuff:

    CRP - The current rules
    CRP Clarifications - To make everything crystal clear
    Stunty Leeg Handbook - Big thanks to the guys at Fumbbl that developed this!
    Stunty Roster Wiki - The wiki with latest updates of the teams, includes Pro Halflings and Squig update

    Quick Roster - Great tool when planning tournament teams
    Samba Action Calculator - Helpful calculator to help you with the math of Blood Bowl

    The Thousand Losses Playbook ed1 - A great book about everything written by Wreckage
    Shooting the gap - Skaven Handbook written by Garion. Good Stuff!
    Yin and Yang - Smash and Dash - Lizardmen Handbook written by Garion. Keep em coming!
    Leap to Victory - Wood Elf Handbook written by Garion.

    SWE Blood Bowl Alliance - The Swedish Blood Bowl Forum!
    SWE Ranking - Current NAF SWE Ranking

    Need some Blood Bowl inspiration, check out some other coaches plogs:
    Dungeon Bowl by Wishing, filled with a lot of tips regarding how to create a good looking dungeon.
    Wishing´s Blood Bowl Teams by Wishing, some extra stuff
    Bögenhafen-Bone-Breakers by Zywus, a mostly UD plog
    Mostly a Blood Bowl Plog by Suncar, IRL friends Warseer Plog
    More Suncar stuff, this one do I totally recommend (even though it is in Swedish) as you can see his WIP pictures of some really cool stuff
    Ogre Maneaters by Lew_b81, that got one of the biggest and most well-known warhammer threads have made some Blood Bowl stuff as well, here is his Orcs.
    Ogre Maneaters by Lew_b81, here is his Humans.
    Ogre Maneaters by Lew_b81, here is his take on a Blood Bowl Ogre
    Beastley’s Blood Bowl Bonanza by Beastley, showcasing some nice sculpting ideas
    The Wildwood Wanderers - A Blood Bowl Log by Fold, WE team & pitch pulled of perfectly
    Richs´ blood bowl teams by Richy376, a great plog featuring a lot of WIP pictures
    Welcome to my Blood Bowl plog by Nohistor, that totally deserves a turn 16 foul!
    Blood Bowl – Elf Insurance and friends by Geckilian, a Nice little DE plog
    Gargantuan´s Blood Bowl log by Gargantuan, pretty little plog featuring some UD and human players
    Gargobot´s Blood Bowl Playbook by Gargobot, nice little Zons plog.
    Red´s BloodBowl Log by Red Skullz, Cool plog featuring some cool sculpting and well painted players.
    Klas Blood Bowl teams by Klasalmroth, cool little CD plog
    Turf Torpedoes Goblins by tjub, a nice gobbo team (Swe)
    Old ma chaos + more by Lard, great Chaos Pact + Undead/Necro (Swe)
    Peddas Plog by Pedda, showing some of peddas work (need to be logged in at TFF to view)
    Pedda målar modeller more stuff by Pedda (Swe)
    Pedda & Blood Bowl filled with match reports and latest projects!
    Dwarfs, Ogre, (Chaos) Dwarf, High Elf, Human by Hemlighallaren, probably the most skilled painter I know. (Swe)
    Hall of fame by Laughing Ferret Studio, great inspiration
    Jox målar humans by Jox, Human wip (Swe)
    Lard on a mission... by Lard, Chaos Pact wip (Swe)

    I'll post new pictures of my progess when I have something to show. I have no planned order or time limit on my projects so updates can vary alot.

    Goblin Team Project

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.01.23.jpg 
Views:	240 
Size:	308.2 KB 
ID:	176268Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.01.40.jpg 
Views:	524 
Size:	314.5 KB 
ID:	176269Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.01.48.jpg 
Views:	223 
Size:	341.8 KB 
ID:	176270Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.02.17.jpg 
Views:	242 
Size:	306.1 KB 
ID:	176271

    After I finished painting these did I think about maybe paint up some more night goblins so I could play maybe Goblin Cheater team aswell. What I didnt know were that I would enjoy painting these little buggers a little bit to much so I ended up painting a whole bunch of them. Now do I have enough nightgoblins so I can play Squig Herders, Goblin Cheaters, Forest Goblins and the classic normal goblin team.
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