Winegoblet League & Stunty Leeg Finals

What a glorious day for blood bowl! At today’s schedule we got the TV 1800 Winegoblet League´s semi-final that will take place in two separate dungeons where the teams will search for a golden key that will bring them to the final pitch were history will be written. After that we got Stunty Leeg final between the three highest TV teams in Stunty Leeg and the protector of the magical Raven will battle it out on a Death Bowl pitch to see who the biggest Stunty is! The winner of the Stunty Leeg will start the next season with protecting the magical Raven. But first we got a warm up match between the snotlings in Drive-By Kings and the forest goblins in Araneae Sylvae coached by Fluff A.K.A BroCooli.

The forest goblins starts with the ball and even though they dont have any Big Guy are they a force to be reckon with, they got four stikkas that runs around and stabs everything, they are some crazy little buggers. They also got 2 magical forest goblin shamans (MA6 ST2 AG3 AV7, Dodge, Foul Apperance, Hypnotic Gaze) that can hypnotize their opponents and 2 fairly big venomous spiders (MA7 ST3 AG2 AV7 Bone-Head, Dodge, Shadowing Tentacles, Two Heads) that tend to eat snotlings for breakfast. Luckily for the snots are two of the best players from Araneae Sylvae sick today one of them are the evil doom shaman with Block, Side Step & Tackle. The other star that misses the game are the huge vicious green spider with Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow & Side Step. The snots on the other hand got the big guns, three Trolls with ST5, two Pump Wagons with ST6 and a Splatta Wagon with ST4 and they field two Trolls on the LOS with a Pump Wagon leaving one Troll free to toss a snot if a “BLITZ!” would happen on the kick-off. The snots puts one Pump Wagon and the Splatta Wagon in reserve in hope to use them in the second half.

There goes the kick-off and it’s a light gust of wind pushes the ball a little to the left. Araneae Sylvaes ugly little stab-stab-stabbing buggers stabs one of the tiers on Tipsy Tommys Pump Wagon and Tommy crashes his racer car and have to call his pit crew to carry it off the field. One ST6 player are gone but there are still 3 trolls and 7 snotlings on the field… ermh scratch that, the spider just ate one of the snotlings, 6 snotlings on the field. A forest goblins manage to pick up the ball and move up to the middle of the forest goblins half of the field.

Time for the Trolls to show the little goblins who the boss is here. The team captain Murukan the Troll gonna try and toss a snot but fumbles the throw, luckily manage the snotling to land on his feet. The Troll Jax gonna smash the little stabbing stabber that stabbed Tommys tire and…..Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189404 ……… The triple skull strikes and failed loner, armour breaks and Jax are knocked out. Great start on this blood bowl marathon.
Second turn for the forest gobbos and they advance on the right flank and the shaman knocks out another snotling. But not much more happens. The trolls stands around and complain and does nothing for this turn.
At the third turn do the forest gobbos manage to advance past the LOS but they don’t knock out anymore snots this turn. Ignorant to how nibble the little snotlings can be doesn’t the forest goblins put up a proper cage and leaves one corner open. The snotling Raging Ragnar pull out his magic wand and with some help from Happy Henry and Bogey Benny manage Ragnar to run up to the ball carrier and sway with his magic wand calling the magic chant “STICK! SMASH!”. This magic chant increases Ragnars strength (+1ST and Mighty Blow) and he smashes the goblin with a POW! Armour breaks and he is knocked out!
Fourth turn for the forest gobbos and they try to get back the ball they lost but doesn’t manage to pick up the ball. The troll Hugin & Mugin on the other hand gonna show how smashing goblins are supposed to be done and…… Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189405………. Skull, both down, both down and loner fail, armor breaks and Hugin & Mugin are knocked out. GJ Hugin & Mugin, thanks for that.
At the fifth turn manage the goblins to snatch the ball and runs down the field. Two snots catch up to the shaman with the ball but can´t sack him.
At the sixth turn can the goblins surf one of the snotlings even if he have side step and shaman pushes himself free from the sideline but are still marked by the snotling Raging Ragnar. Outnumbered 4 to 9, there isn’t much stopping the horde of goblins here we got an overview pic of the field….Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189406 …… As you can see there is a lot of goblins with ST2 and only 3 snotlings with ST1. I figured that the only way to save this situation is counter back with and surf. To countersurf will I need the troll to mark shaman and 2 forest goblins (Really Stupid 2+, GFI 2+). After that will Laptop Larry Blitz the shaman and push him with a 1D to the side-line so that Raging Ragnar can attempt a -2D Surf. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189407It’s a long shot but that’s all I can do. And to my surprise did my plan work perfectly and shaman got surfed! Happy that I probably just prevented a touchdown squealed in joy. The crowd on the other hand wanted a touchdown and throw the ball into my endzone where a goblin manage to retrieve and score in turn 8 forcing me to field both my secret weapon that I were saving for second half.
Drive-By Kings Splatta and Pump wagon made the most of this turn 8 and both manage to inflict one casualty each and the troll Murukan tossed a snotling but an upwind pushed the snot back and he couldn’t get into scoring range so the snotling runs back with the ball and foulcas the last forestgoblin on the LOS.

For second half can Drive-By Kings field 2 trolls and 7 snotlings and Araneae Sylvaes only got 2 stikkas, 1 spider rider and 4 forest goblins. Here comes the Kick-off and…. “BLITZ!” Araneae Sylvaes players rush towards where the ball will land but they fail the catch it. One of the stikkas manage to hurt one snotling on the blitz. Luckily are the ball not placed in the spiderriders tacklezone so the snotling Hulk Hogan can retrieve it. Murukan knocks out a forest goblin.

One of the stikkas manage to blitz the ball lose but a failed dodge knocks out a forest goblin. Then it just say WAKKA! WAKKA! WAKKA! and the two stikkas and a forest goblins are knocked out. Tense Tyrone pick up the ball and runs up on the left wide zone. Here we got a pic of the situation:Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189408 Believing that he is safe from a blitz but no. The spider rider got a trick up his sleeve and throws a custard pie into the face of Dagger Danny and blitzes Tense Tyrone that drops the ball.

Raging Ragnar knocks out the last forest goblin and now is there 6 Drive-By King players on the field vs that lonely spider rider. Murukan throw the spider to the ground and Smooth Brody picks up the ball and score in turn 8 but before that manage Raging Ragnar pitch clear Araneae Sylvaes and the final score of the game is 1-1.

8 blood bowl coach have gathered here and the teams that will attend in the two dungeon bowls (ordered after this season ranking);

I will share dungeon with Black Kniggits, Wall of Death and Frenzy Killers. Skoberget the coach for the Black Kniggits jumps up and down of pure joy to share dungeon with the three most brutal teams in our league.
Wall of death that have skilled Block, Guard, Standfirm, Prehensile Tail/Mighty Blow/Tackle on everything. Sadly can´t Wall of Deaths minotaur attend this event today, but even if he could attend do I doubt that he would be able to even enter the dungeon. Click image for larger version. 

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Frenzy Killers, a Khorne team with taste for blood. Most of the Khorne player got either MB, Guard or +ST or a mix out of them. Their Bloodthirster have so far skilled MB, Guard, Pro and so far have he never failed a Pro reroll.
Ashes to Ashes, my lizards that are here to prove that they are the strongest team around the block skilled with block on all saurus and one of them are Hydra with +ST and Guard. The kroxigor Leviathan are the biggest big guy around with a wooping ST6 and guard. In this tight dungeon will these two be able to stop anything.
Black Kniggits, these puny little elves that after two seasons had -53 in net casualties but still are undefeated will have a tough time in this dungeon bowl.
Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189410Click image for larger version. 

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There blows the magical whistle and the magic walls containing the players disappear and the game is on. Khorne team send down his Bloodthirster towards my corner accompanied by a Khorne Herald. He also sends one of his Pit Fighters into the one-way-portal (he have to roll a D6 and on a 2-5 will he be teleported to one of the four portals in the middle, on a 6 will he be able to pick what portal he will end up in, on a 1 will he disappear into the vortex and not be able to take part in the dungeon bowl) and *POFF* were that Pit Fighter gone!
Leviathan and Hydra advances towards the Bloodthirster and try to negotiate a deal to join forces against the chaos player but the negotiations goes wrong and the huge Bloodthirster blitzes Hydra but fail to knock him over. Hydra tries to strike back but manage only to push the huge beast. Also Leviathan tries to take on the Bloodthirster but he stays on his hoofs. The little Skink Spike runs up to the Bloodthirster with a chainsaw and tries to finish the job but the demon is still standing!Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189412 The Khorne demons realise that they won’t win this fight and decides to split. The Bloodthirster blitzes the skink, push, frenzy, POW, dodge and ruuuuuun away. The Khorne Herald tries to run the other way but stumbles.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	189413 The funny thing is that the Bloodthirster manage to push through my home base and blitz pushed one of my skinks through the portal and both of them ended up on the same place so he were able to make a second block on him.

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