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    Been a while since last update and I have manage to get some painting done and also attended a few tournaments. Will write some match reports and post some pics from the tournaments. I have manage to finish painting my Drive-By Kings and started working on my next Stunty-team and a regular Ogrer-team. Have also finished sculpting the warriors for my Nurgle-team. My good old friend LockedBlues have bounced back into the hobby and I will let him help me paint up my Nurgle Warriror, great to have him back. Well that’s what the coming post will be about, but first will I need to mention a flaw in my travel kit design. The “Driving Practice” signs have a quite special feature. They are magnetic in different zones and in one direction (see pic below). This are causing some trouble when playing because when one player have been used and I try to mark that by turning him around will he flip around again. Also are the magnetic zones not in line with the pitch squares making the players not standing property in their squares. I would recommend that you don’t use the signs as the bottom of the box, use a plate of steal instead.

    @Nohistor:Go for it! Looking forward to see your take on a travel kit.

    @AndSomeDoug:The bag is actually pretty big and still got a lot of room left within. I just have to lift the middle section and place it on top of one side of the pitch will try to illustrate this with a picture below.

    Yes they are two drawers with their backs “removed”, or to be more correct, cut out and then linked together like: Drawer ---- Hinge ---- Back of Drawer ---- Metal plate ---- Back of Drawer ---- Hinge ---- Drawer. Will attempt to illustrate this as well in the picture.

    I have had this project on ice for a while but will hopefully get back to it as soon as I finished painting some teams and write about my skaven tournament team (The Verminton Tailgunners) progress. I would like to make stuff like Nohistor are making in his plog but they also have to be foldable so I will need some planning to fit all inside the bag.

    (Back of the Drawer is the same size as the rest of the Drawer even if my illustration skills aint that good)

    Super Brawl MMXIV
    This tournament is probably one of the most hyped tournament of the year, Bernuz have created an amazing homepage and offered us “Head Coach Tickets” were will also get a “Star Blocks” coffee cup, a Super Brawl coin and some special designed tournament dices. How can someone pass up on that offer! Me (Skaven), broccoli (Halfling), Skoberget (Norse), Melisqus (Necromantic) and Equilibri (Dark Elves) will represent Gothenburg at Super Brawl MMXIV in Borlänge. We arrived the evening before the tournament and had some beers with some of the other participants in the hotel lobby prepping for the big day. Trying to find out what races other coaches plays and what skills they got. Here is a link to my team Verminton Tailgunners

    Game day are upon us and the excitement is ecstatic in the “ballroom” where all 32 coaches had gathered. Bernuz announce the matchups and my first game will be played against the Wood Elves coach Kaju. I played against Kaju in my first tournament at Narke Bowl and at that time did he play his Wood Elves and I played my Norse. That game ended 1-1 and my goal were a longshot where a snake eye from Kajus Wardancer were the key. I remember that I were totally outmanoeuvred by Kaju and I couldn’t get my bash on. This time will he have a harder time to outmanoeuvre me and with a Rat Ogre, Skitter Stab-Stab, a blitzer with tackle & one with guard. My game plan is simple: On defence will I focus my fire on his Wardancers and gangfoul if I get the opportunity. On offence will I go for my favourite anti-WE-tactic, cage the ball and stall in hope that he will send his Wardancers into their death. Bernuz announce that you can earn extra skills if you manage to pull of some awesome stunt.
    • First TD = Fan Favorite
    • First competed pass to player in End Zone for a TD = Leader
    • First Kill CAS in a block action = Disturbing Presence
    • First Interception = Very Long Legs
    • First Successful Long Bomb Pass = Hail Mary Pass
    • First Surf = Frenzy
    • First Spotted Foul = Dirty Player
    • First Failed Dodge = Foul Appearance

    With my game plan will some of these stunts not be in my crosshair but I love pulling of great chain pushes and last time I played against Kaju did I surf one of his Wardancers that were standing five squares from the side line. A pass into the end zone would also be nice but dicey if I try to pull it off as I would like to score in turn eight. Let’s see how this will work out.

    Match #1 vs Kaju Wood Elves
    Bernuz rolls a global weather roll and all tables will suffer from Nuffles wrath when a brutal blizzard breaks out. This will make the stunt “First Successful Long Bomb Pass” harder to achive. This will probably make most coaches play more “safe” and the “First TD” will probably be delayed giving a bigger variety of teams the possibilities to snatch that reward. Time to roll for gate and who gets to start with the ball and my dices start the tournament flaming hot: 6 6 6 and Verminton Tailgunners starts with the ball with +2 FAME. Kaju sets up a classic Ziggurat formation but to my surprise are his Wardancers on the front of his wings leaving them exposed for my tackle stormvermin. This will prove to be a dire mistake when one of the Wardancers gets knocked out (the one with tackle) on the first blitz. I pick up the ball and cage it but leaving a way in for the other Wardancer with Strip Ball to leap in and hit my rookie Gutter Runner Vermini Houdini. The trap is set let’s see if we can catch a Wardancer. Kaju see this golden opportunity to get an easy 2 die blitz on the ball carrier. If Kaju gets a Both Down and the ball scatters on three out of the four corners or on the Wardancer can the ball scatter out in the “open” (1-2tz). The Wardancer sprints toward the cage, leaps into the cage, [Both Down, Both Down] and the gutter runner goes down, but the ball scatters in the wrong direction and lands next to a Linerat, the Rat Ogre Princess and Skitter Stab-Stab. Three tackle zones, two Prehensile Tails and one Shadowing marking the ball. Kaju left his wardancer inside of my cage instead of dodge to safety. This is one major error that many WE coaches doses, Leap in and leave his best player in grave danger. Now will I have two 2 die blocks to smash his Wardancer if I only get pushes will the wardancer be pushed to Skitter Stab-Stab that are standing ready to stab the Wardancer. If the Wardancer is still standing after Skitter had his way with her will I have the blitz to finish her off. [POW Push] and the wardancer fall but no armor break. Pushing away the marker of the cage prepping for the gangfoul when I noticed that there is one catcher teasingly close to the side line. My blitzer, Freddy Krueger, with tackle pushes the catcher to the side line (rolled [POW Push] and the other blitzer, Guts the Organ Grinder, surfs the catcher and earns “Fiirst Surf” reward. Celebrating and in joy do we foul the Wardancer while Bernuz comes by our table to confirm. SPLAT! Dead Wardancer but the Apo managed to save him.
    The rest of the half are quite dull and in turn 6 did I realise to my surprise that if I send down a Gutter Runner can I snatch “First TD” and “First completed pass to a player in the End Zone for a TD” but my gutter fails the 2+ dodge and there is no goal this turn. About two minutes later can I hear how some cheer “First Touchdown” and it’s done by a Khemri team. Same Khemri coach manage to snatch “First Longbomb Pass” in his second game. In turn 8 did I toss in the ball to the endzone for 1-0. Giving the wood elf a one turn TD attempt. I got a blitz on the kick-off and the Wardancer that just got back gets another hit but this time only BH. First half ended 1-0 to the rats.
    Second half are about to begin and the knocked out Wardancer struts back onto the field ready for another can of whoop-ass! The two Skaven Stormvermin thirst for blood but a angry Ogre in the crowd robs the rats from that pleasure with a well-aimed rock and the war dancer needs a medic. The wood elfs advance close to the side line and manage to make a break for the touchdown but Skitterr manage to catch up with the catcher and a dirty dagger between the ribs knocks out the elf. One of the Linerats attempts to pick up the ball but fumbles and the ball scatters out in the crowd that tosses the ball to one of the elfs that runs in the touchdown. In hindsight do I know picking up that ball were a bad idea and I deserved to be punished for that mistake. Would have been a lot better to just mark the ball.
    With no Wardancers to worry about and 5 turns to score is it fairly easy to bash elves and run in the ball in turn 16. Game ended 2-1.

    Here is a clip from round 2:

    Match #2 vs Thursablot Chaos Dwarf
    Thursablot are one of my regular opponents on these NAF-tournaments as I mentioned in earlier. We played against each other at Narke Bowl, Stock Bowl, Remember the Doubt and now here at superbrawl. So far do I have a 2/1/0 win record against him.
    The Dwarfs starts the game with the ball in hope to bash the rats unrecognisable for the second half and the poor rats on the line of scrimmage got crushed. Two knock outs, one stun and it’s a great start for the dwarfs that are steamrollinng over the vermin. And at turn 7 do the rats have 6 knocked out players but have so far not suffered any casualties. The dwarfs have a Hobgoblin with the ball 2 squares from a touchdown in a solid side line cage. The Rat Ogre Princess makes one last attempt to mark the ball carrier. Princess dodges free, blitzing down the field with 2 GFI for a 2die hit on one of the corners and a dwarf falls to the ground. Inspired of Princess self-sacrifice attempts two gutters to move in front of the dwarfs but a failed dodge and tackle trips him. Saving the reroll for the one turn attempt in turn 8. Thursablot sends in support and smashes Princess to the ground. The ball carrier are good to go for the 1-0 touchdown but there is on gutter runner standing temptingly close to the edge of the pitch without block/wrestle/side step and next to him is there a Chaos Dwarf Blocker. With no reroll for the dorfs is there a 1/36 to fail and there will be no score in the first half. Thursablot rolls the dices and…. [SKULL SKULL] there comes the turnover! A load roar and cheer shakes the “ballroom”. The Dwarfs misses the touchdown by 2 squares and to make It even worse did 4 out of the 6 rats in the KO locker room wake up by all the loud yelling.
    Second half starts and in turn two can the rats score or fall back in attempt to stall but with the leader gutter runner in the KO dug out and a hard pressure from the dwarfs forces Verminton Tailgunners to play safe and there is a touchdown in turn 2, 1-0.
    A frustrated dwarf coach aiming to win have to play more offensive than in the first half and leaves a lot of openings in his offence. His blockers are tired from all the bashing and can’t get their bash back on again. Failed catch from a Bullcentaur and the ball is fairly open for the rats and a quick counter touchdown is scored, 2-0.
    Understanding the win have slipped through his fingers the dwarf coach sets a new aim to tie the game but for this to happen will some mad dice have to be rolled and BLITZ! Rats swarm his part of the field that catches the ball and score 3-0 in one turn.
    With only 3 turns left are the game lost and with no rerolls will the ball handling be a problem for the dwarfs. Slippery mittens drops the ball and Vermini Houdini snatches the ball for 4-0 in turn 16

    Match #3 vs Mago Dark Elves
    I have played against Mago at Malmö Masters and at Team Sweden Boot Camp. So far have we played even (0/2/0) but then did he played Wood Elf and I played Norse & Lizardmen. Mago is also ranked 2nd in Sweden and were one of last year Team Sweden members.

    This game do the rats start with the ball and attempting to apply my Anti-Elf-tactic on Mago will be trickier now that he plays Dark Elves. Starting to bash and tie up player in favourable positions forcing Mago to go for a -2d or start dodging from tackle and tails. Mago decides to block: [push push] and this opens up for a string of 1d blocks. One of these 1die blocks are a blitz on Princess that’s gets knocked out. A Dark Elf blitzer attempts to foul Skitter but only gets a stunned but the next turn after that did the blitzer manage to foul knock out Skitter and the ref are nowhere to be seen. Two important players down but still looking strong and with a heavy left flank offence do I manage to set up Magos Dark Elves for a side switch he probably will not be able to stop. All I need for setting up a perfect switch to the right side is a GFI with reroll but the dreadful snake eye strikes and it strikes hard, leaving my ball carrier fairly open. Mago manage to sack my carrier and starts advancing towards the end zone but my Wrestle Gutter Runner catches up and sacks his blitzer and the elves are out of reach for the goal and my drive and first half ends 0 – 0.

    Not what I want to see at the end of the first half but I got my Rat Ogre back and I can maybe still salvage a tie out of this game. In attempt to slow down Magos offence do I set up a column defences and with my higher movement will I be able to keep this up for a while and maybe get a shot on snatching the ball. Also my Guard Blitzer combined with Princess can mark line elves in attempt to force Mago to do some 3+ rolls. Mago attempts to advance on the left side and leaves an open way with 2 GFI with my Strip Ball gutter on his Runner but I sense this might be a trap to put my gutter into a bad spot. If I would walk into this trap would my Gutter Runner risk a surf or a heavy gangfoul or be out of place for coming turns. I check my roster ounce again and remembers that my Guard Blitzer got a bonus skill from game #1; Frenzy! If I move in three players can I chain push a prone Linerat into base contact with the runner by taking advantage of my extra skill. Marking up player around the runner will make the dump-off trickier for him. Blitz with a 1die on the runner and Mago attempts to dump-off to an empty square next to his players but fumbles the dump-off and the ball scatters open behind my line of players. A frustrated Mago glares angry upon his runner after that poor performance and when I announce a passing action do Mago start to realise how bad that scatter actually were for him. My gutter picks up the ball and runs with 2 GFI and then punts up the ball towards Magos end zone. If Mago chain pushes one of his Blitzers can he with a dodge and 2 GFI, blitz my Gutter Runner that punted the ball. And he makes it and POW POW Stunned Gutter and I will not be able to score in the next turn. If he hadn’t cracked my armour there would it have been a 2+ dodge and 2+ pick up for the 1-0 goal. Both teams tries to snatch the ball but it’s the elves that gets it into a cage and with 3 receivers the only way to stop Mago now is a 5+ dodge in and -2d blitz with Strip Ball and if I get a good scatter then can I go for a 3+ pick up and a 2+ dodge for goal. The dodge in is a 2, dodge reroll 5. The Blitz results in a POW Skull, team reroll skull skull and it’s a turn over. Mago blitzes open a way through my line and makes a 3+ pass into a 3+ catch and a 2+ dodge for the goal 1-0. I may attempt a one turner but a perfect defence destroys all hope of redemption. This is my rats first loss in 15 games and even if it were against a worthy opponent as Mago do I still feel bad that I let the game slip out of my grasp. Hoping this loss won’t effect my coming matches this weekend.
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