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    Hi again, here comes another update! Today will I describe my experience of the GothBowl XI tournament in my hometown Gothenburg. This were my first time attending this tournament because I am normally use to visit my relative during the Easter (yeah, I know, I am way behind on these storytelling reports), but this time did I cut my visit short so I could show up at GothBowl XI. I were planning to attend this tourney with my trusty Skaven team, the Verminton Tailgunners, but I got sick during my visit at my relatives in the northern parts of Sweden and felt kinda dizzy the day of the tournament so I changed my mind the last minute and brought my goblin team instead, the Disastrous Delirium Clan. With other words will this update be a Stunty update.

    @Beastley: Glad to hear you like it! Sometimes dose my plog feel like a rainbow in the dark, but knowing that someone enjoys reading it motivates me to add more to it!

    GothBowl XI
    This tournament is NOT a resurrection tournament, unlike most of the NAF tournaments here in Sweden. Actually do I think this is the only non-ressurection NAF tournament. That means that SPPs, Winnings and Injuries suffered during the game will be kept for the next game and players can level up if they earn enough SPPs. All teams starts at 1000 TV. Unfortunately because I were so dizzy during the tournament will I not be able to write any long detailed reports but I will mention the goodies from each game and what I learned from them.

    Match #1 vs Duckwing Norse
    Goblins vs Norse what a terrible start, but I am glad that I didn’t bring my rats because Norse is a though opponent even for them. Knowing Duckwings skill level and my dizzy state could this only end in a massacre. I win the coin toss and can start the game on the offence like I prefer with goblins. I entered this game with this Roster, skipping the bombardier and focusing all my efforts to protect the chainsaw. The game starts with my two trolls Ein-Sten and Ett-Hårt-Face sending two Norse Linemen flying into the dugout. My fanatic KO another Linemen and we are in pitch control. My two trolls didn’t fail a single really stupid roll and dominated this first half. Now that I scored in turn 8 will my opponent have one turn to score/bash my goblins. I have 12 players atm and my 3 bribes are enough to keep both my Ball & Chain and Chainsaw safe for second half. In the turn 8 did I field the Ball & Chain so that I could be sure to protect my chainsaw in case of the 2+ bribe failing.
    Duckwing didn’t score but manage to knock out 2 goblins and got all his knocked out players back for second half. In the second half did I attempt to set up a column defence and managed to stall Duckwings approach pretty well. Even so much that he had to make the touchdown by a handover in turn 16. Fun game that lighted up a little hope for my little green skins. Game ended 1-1.

    Match #2 vs Odium_Khan Dark Elves

    A new face that I haven’t seen before at any of the Swedish Blood bowl tournaments and I might have underestimated my opponent this game. I start the game once again with the ball and I try to figure out how good my opponent is by leaving him some really dicey opportunity’s but he didn’t take them. I figured out his play style in turn 5 but that also meant it were to late to recover from it. Odium_Khan were just waiting for me to have some bad rolls so that he could steamroll me. In turn 5 did I move my fanatic into a bad spot (because of the rule that he have to use all his movement before stopping, I thought that I could stop after using 2MA but I have to use all his original MA that is 3MA) and when I realised that Odium_Khan pretty easy would get a 2d with block on my fanatic without using blitz so I had to take a GFI to secure him. Dice roll… and it’s a 1! Bah well I got rerolls… and it’s another 1! Damn… Odium_Khan can now blitz my BC, block my chainsaw and score in turn 7 forcing me to burn all my bribes that I have in attempt to save my chainsaw.
    In the second half were I outnumbered and playing defence and couldn’t keep the elves from scoring in turn 16, game ended 0-2.

    Match #3 vs Mago Undead
    Emh… I thought that I have had some bad matchups, but third time is a charm. Mago, one of Sweden top players with a tier 1 team and me still sick and dizzy playing a tier 3 team… Woohoo! Mago wins the FAME 2+ and starts with the ball. I dunno how to play this, so I just set up everything I got, 2 trolls on the line with the ball & chain in the middle, chainsaw caged behind and some players at the wings. Mago sets up for bash in the middle and rolls [Skull BothDown] with his first Mummy at one of my trolls. The Mummy doesn’t have block and have to reroll, [Skull Push]. The other Mummy rolls [Push Push] at the other troll. Magos Ghoul picks up the ball and cage up. A wight attempts the 2d uphill on the fanatic [Skull Skull] stunned… Not a good start for Mago and I can retaliate by knocking out a mummy fouling his other mummy into stunned and putting heavy pressure on Mago that know can really feel he is in a bad spot. This is actually going really well and I can’t put my finger on what have changed since my game with Odium_Khan where I felt I didn’t have a shot of winning. One of the tournaments referees come to check on our game and after watching me play my turn 4 ask “Hmm, where are your reserves?” And I were like, “Well they are over there *pointing at my bench, but my reserves wasn’t there* emmmh…. *looking at the pitch and start counting in my head 1,2,3,4….. 11,12 & 13* Woops*”. In our local league have we played with that it’s the opponents responsibility make sure that the opponent doesn’t play with more than 11 players. The official NAF rules says that if someone accidently set up more than 11 players on the pitch and you notice this a couple of turns in are you supposed to remove them by randomizing or restart the match/drive. If I would have an awesome game, crush Mago and have a 2-0 lead in turn 16 would I concede the game. As I didn’t take this tournament serious and lowering Magos ranking and destroying his opportunity on the tournament win by accidently playing with 2 extra player during the first half and not removing them would not sit right with me. I decided to play on and see if Mago could beat me 13vs11.
    My heavy pressure on Mago continues and he have a hard time to advancing the cage forward. In turn 5 do I have an opportunity to compromise his cage with my Ball & Chain, either by knocking of a corner or marking the BC with my ST7 Ball & Chain, but I have to make a GFI. The die is rolling and I can see how Mago flashes a bright smile in his bushy beard as the die shows a 1. I have to use a reroll and dum dum DUUUUUM it’s another 1! The Ball & Chain crashes into to the ground (again…)!!! Mago cheers in joy while I curse over how worthless my ball and chain is. I can hear Skoberget from the table next to me “Hahaha you never learn! Noob!” and I give him my evil goblin stare *Grrrr*. This is the turning point of the game and Mago starts to get his bash back on and are able by 1 dodge and 2 gfi to score in turn 8. Good Job!

    So far have I lost both my secret weapons and a troll and a few goblins and Mago have one MNG Mummy and can fairly easy snatch back the ball and score 0-2 in turn 16. Good game!

    Match #4 vs Rajden Lizardmen

    Time for some payback! The 2-2 game at Super Brawl still stings but now do I have a chance to redeem myself. Rajden have managed to develop a pretty sick Lizardmen team so far in this tournament and have skilled one saurus with block, one with + ST, Guard on the Krox and Hank the Tank Is back once again with +AG. That damn insane Skink!!! That singlehandedly gave me such a hard time last we meet. This time am I gonna stick a chainsaw in Hanks face and see how he feel about that. Grrrr!
    There goes the kick off and Hank the Tank picks up the ball and move into a secure cage at the centre of the pitch. The big lizards can’t get their bash on and the goblins send in their trolls to stop the cage in their tracks. The chainsaw runs up to a Saurus and try to forcefeed him a chainsaw but the Saurus is still standing. I moved in goblins and surrounded the Saurus so that in his next turn would have to make a 2d uphill to fend away the chainsaw. The big lizards by the cage tries to open a way for Hank the Tank but can´t really finish the job and Hank will have to make a dodge to move through the goblins defence. Here comes Hank and he dodge, dice is bouncing and it´s a 1! Hank is about to trip but dodge skill might save him… dodgereroll, and it’s another 1!! Hank the Tank falls to the ground and is knocked out in turn 2, losing the ball and it’s a turnover! The chainsaw decapitates the Saurus! The two trolls manage to stun the block and +ST saurus! The Ball & chain manage to lock up two of the remaining saurus! The chainsaw swinging starplayer Nobbla Blackwart fouls the block saurus that are rushed to the ER but will be missing the next game! The Pogo snatches the ball and move into a cage of goblins! All that in one turn and the following turn do this continue and the one after that. At one point took one of the trolls and made a 3d block on the + ST saurus. My little goblins score in turn 6, 1-0.
    Rajden try to wake up Hank the tank but he is still out cold and so is the most of his team. The kick-off results in a Riot and the ref have to set back the time giving the four lizards left on the pitch four turns to score. It’s a short kick and a rookie skink fails the pick up followed by a chainsaw to the face. The goblin Feeble Freddy picks up the ball and run for the end zone while rest of the team fouls the last remaining lizard on the pitch. Here we got a picture of “The-Evil-Pitchclear-Smiley” formation with the good sportsman and lizardmen coach Rajden, that are taking this beating, under the circumstances, pretty good.

    Feeble Freddy scores the 2-0 in turn 8. Outnumbered 11 vs 4 most of the second half did I pitchclear him a second time and snatch the ball from Rajden twice and the game ends 4-0 to the goblins, woohoo! Another dicey game with Rajden, seems like we can´t play normal games.

    I ended up at 12th place this tournament as the best Stunty coach but didn’t make it to the semifinal that will be played as two games of dungeonbowl. The winner of each dungeonbowl will meet in the final. On one table do we have Dragons(Undead), Pellevin(Orcs) and Skoberget(Undead), the top 3 players from Super Brawl and a Rookie Dark Elves coach called Red. On the other table we got Odium_Khan(Dark Elves), Mago(Undead), Thenickeninja(Orcs) and Zerak(Norse).

    The final were between two Dark Elf coaches, Odium_Khan and Red, that Odium_Khan won! Well played!

    To summarise my experience would I say that goblins have a lot of flaws but if you are prepared to deal with them can you improve your gameplay.

    • The Chainsaw is the keyplayer, play him like a CPOMBer that can’t move after the block. Always protect him at all cost. Your opponent will fear him and if you keep him protected on your side of the action will your opponent probably not send down lone blodgers as receivers. The fear of the chainsaw can be more valuable than the actually chainsawing (a lot like a wizards fire ball). If you blitz with him make sure you can protect him afterwards.
    • The Ball & Chain have to use all his normal MA, with other words will a rookie fanatic have to move 3 squares before stop moving (ofc do you roll direction between all the steps he makes).
    • The Ball & Chain can move into the crowd, if you stand next to the side line and decides to move along with the side line then there is 1/3 chance you head out in the crowd.
    • If the Ball & Chain move into a square where the ball is must he attempt to pick it up and with the skill No Hands will he automatically fail and cause a turnover!!!
    • If Ball & Chain hits a prone player, push him back and make an armour roll (you can´t use Mighty Blow because it is not a block action), If it´s your own prone player you hit, make an armour roll and this do not cause a turnover even if you kill him.
    • If the Ball & Chain is placed prone roll for injury even if he is placed prone by wrestle, pitch invasion, wizard, magic playcard or any other fancy move I have missed (ok enogh with the Ball & chain talk, but you gotta admit he can be a bit tricky).
    • Bribes is a must to keep the ref away from your chainsaw and more than one bribe can be used to bribe the ref. So if one of your bribes fail on one important player, then are you allowed to use another one!
    • The Trolls are like anchors and sometimes it´s even better not to activate them and just let them stand there to annoy your opponent. You can learn when to not activate them by playing Ogrers that constantly have to valuate if it´s better to stand still and do nothing or risk a bonehead failure. You want to keep your troll fairly spread out, like the trees in a Halfling team, practice with them using the star player Deeproot so that you got 3 big guys.
    • Stunty skill allows your goblins to become better at dodging and ignores the minus from tacklezones when dodging into them but this DO NOT apply on those with the Secret Weapon skill. Remember that!

    I have started playing goblins in our local league and its one helluva bashy league 2xDwarfs 2xKhemri 1xNecromantic 1xLizardmen 1xNorse and my goblins. So far have I played 1/5/1 and I think that I have been a little bit to defensive while playing them, but my game play have been really solid and I played even 3 of these games because of a failed GFI with reroll or failed dodge with dodge skill for TD in turn 16. I am kind of proud of my performance even though I would have like to have some more wins on my record.

    In attempt to learn how to play better stunty games have I joined the Swedish league at FUMBBL playing Ogrers and so far have my record been 6/2/3 and already got my TV up at 1660ish. Here is a link to my team, Det Brutala Kattförsäljarna that grown completely wicked and here is a link to one of my funnier games vs the coach BooAhl. (you will need java to run it,if you got java and it ask for update just press later and link will work). I am schedule against BimCCL in the “losers-cup-final” and even if she coach a rookie Amazon team do I have to be focused all 16 turns. I have seen her play and I know this will be a fun match up!

    And now time for some painting!!! Trying my best to keep this as a Plog and not a Blog hehehe. I started working on my Ogrers. This model is sculpted by Kalle A.K.A Gimpen that are currently working on sculpting team for all the tier 1 teams and hopefully will be availed soon (can’t wait). I am painting him in almost the same colour scheme as my Snotlings so I can use them for this team as well (I really like how those Snotlings turned out, that’s why I am not using Kalles Snotlings.).

    My good old friend LockedBlues are helping me painting my Nurgle team and this is what he came up with after we sat down and painted one evening, stunning!
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    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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