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    Happy Picture Day!

    I were looking in my picture folder and found some pictures I thought I could share. I will be keeping the match reports short because I lost my notes and also so I can catch up to date. Also got some Ogrers painted.

    NAF Championship
    Me and my good old pal brocCooLi decided to test ur luck at the NAFC this year. I brought my rats and he brought his Halflings as usual. We flew from Gothenburg to Copenhagen to Manchester, train from the airport to the Manchester train station and from there to Nottingham by train.

    Our journey to the tournament went well but we heard from the Danish that they had a more eventful experience traveling there. They landed and got on the first train a little tipsy went to the train station, switched train and ended up back at the airport again, hmmm. Took another train back to the train station, switched train but one of them forgot his jacket and had to run back to the other train to get it and after that did they manage to catch their train to Nottingham. Anyway, arriving to the hotel did I realise that it were kind of a fancy hotel, here is a picture of the lobby that later that night were filled with Blood Bowl coaches chatting and prepping before the big tournament.

    Side quest:
    Me and brocCooLi decided to grab a beer in the lobby before heading out on some sightseeing and while sitting there do Pellevin show up with a happy grin on his face. Pellevin checked in and brocCooLi gave us a guide tour of Nottingham, he were here last year and knew his way around. Me and my two friends headed out on an adventure to warhammer world. I have only read about it when I were little in white dwarf magazines and it were with an odd feeling that we entered Bugmans. We walked around and looked at all the exhibitions before we had a great meal of Goretusk Ribs. Mago and Ozt joined us afterwards and while they were eating did I do a last scouting and found a trophy sitting on a shelf. I have seen that trophy before so when I got home did I check around in my boxes with Warhammer stuff and found my old Blood Bowl Magazine. Hehehe I think it´s quite funny, because these magazines made me test playing Blood Bowl 12 years ago. Without them wouldn’t I know what Blood Bowl even were.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    We also helped Mago and Ozt to park their rental

    Time to sign in for the tournament and 160 coaches have showed up for this tournament and odds are high that my opponents will be real good at this tournament. Sweet!

    Match #1 vs Purdindas Wood Elf

    Purdindas are one of the member from last year team Scotland. I got to start the game with the ball as I prefer, working hard to setting traps for the Wardancers that were eager to spring them but I didn’t get any payoffs on these attempts to remove them and the game turned out to be a really even one. Princess had a last shot on saving the game in turn 16 but stumbled on a GFI for the chain push to win the game. Game ended 1-1

    Match #2 vs Johnnyd High Elf
    Johnnyd, last year team Sweden Skaven coach. I have learnt a lot from playing against Johnnyd also watching him play. Even if our play styles differ a lot, mine is a bash and he is a aggressive cagebraker, do we make the exact same move from time to time. Johnnyd is running a 11 man High Elf team and my gameplan is simple, bash bash bash…. Kill! Then score and win. In the first half do I manage to rack up 4 casualties but, and there is a big but, Johnnyd makes one of his aggressive cage break plays and the ball scatters into the crowd and are tossed 10 squares from the sideline next to a high elf lineman. That picks it up and attempts to toss it to receiver that can sprint out of my reach. Interception! The Rat Ogrer Princess intercepts the ball and scores the 1-0 goal in turn 8. That kind of nails this game that results in a 3-0 victory to the rats.

    Match #3 vs Tripleskull Wood Elf

    Tripleskull, team captain of team Denamark. I attempt to set traps but Tripleskull plays it cool as he figure I want to score in turn 8 and plays a safe column defence with the Treeman in the middle of the pitch as his anchor and main blitzer hitting my linerats as I switch from side to side. In turn 6 dose the treeman fail a GFI and Tripleskull saves his 2 reroll to turn 7 & 8. Tiiiiiiiiiimber! The Treeman dies and leaves a gap for my rats to run through. Tripleskull fail his leap into the cage and ends up stunned, leaving his other wardancer open for a blitz, that Freddy Krueger stuns. I score the 1-0 goal in turn 8.
    Setting up a pretty solid OT defences with guard, tackle, shadowing, prehensile tail and thought this will he no be able to break. To my surprise did he create an awesome play by leaping his wardancers behind my line to be able to make a 1d push and then almost running around my OTT defences but failed a 3+ dodge.
    Second half did he manage to score early, in turn 3 I believe. Giving me 6 turns to safely advance the ball and stall out the game for a 2-1 victory. It were fun to play against a player with such skill with wood elf, making me want to try them out for the next year but Trippleskull were grumpy and complained most of the game. I think it even it out to a OK game.

    That is all games for day one, it kind of felt like a short day because we do normally play 4 games on the first day in Sweden. Time to ditch the suit and head to the lobby for some after game chatting. I meet up with brocCooLi, Duckwing, purdindas and his friends for some evening gaming. Around midnight did someone setup a RoboRally and you can´t say no to RoboRally and pizza.
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