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    @Beastley & Nohistor: Thank you, here comes another update. Hope you will enjoy it!

    Sweden Blood Bowl Championship

    Only 2 weeks after the NAFC were it time for the Swedish Blood Bowl Championship and in the top prizes were two spots on Team Sweden, man I want a spot this year. I got a really nice record so far this year with my rats but I am not sure if I would get a spot so I better win one of these spots. Six out the last year team are attending this tournament and a lot of new up comers will be attending this event.

    Here are a recap of my games:
    Match #1 vs Melisqus Necromantic
    First game vs my friend Melisqus from my hometown and a member from last year Team Sweden. My past record vs Melisqus are a not that great, I have only beaten him once when I played dwarf and he played goblins (and Squig Herders vs Squig Herders in stunty leeg). This game will be a tight one, smallest error can be devastating. My little rats gets to start with the ball and I play a really tight and good first half, not a single slip up and in turn 6 do I set up an offence to make my last push. This is how it looked like:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Melisqus 1.jpg 
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ID:	198513
    but….. I had made a mistake, a HUGE MISTAKE! I used one of Melisqus zombies to create my screen, I thought it were a linerat. I have to admit this wasn’t one of my brightest moments. I feel pretty dumb right now!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Melisqus 2.jpg 
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ID:	198514
    So Melisqus just moves his zombie and his Wight blitzes my ball carrier with a 2D block.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Melisqus 3.jpg 
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ID:	198515
    I lost possession of the ball and in half time the score are still 0-0. Not a great start.
    The weather change for the second half and a pouring rain can be tricky for the ghouls to handle but nope. Melisqus have no trouble picking up the ball this half. Melisqus advances quickly and set up a cage by the LOS. One of his corners pushes away a linerat and his wight follows up, this means his cage is compromised and I can remove that corner so that my Rat Ogre Princess can blitz the ball carrying Ghoul. Vermini Houdin picks up the loose ball and punts it towards Melisqus endzone. A werewolf blitzes Houdini [POW POW] and but he doesn’t break his armour. The following turn do Verrmini Houdini only have to dodge free and pick up the ball for the 1-0 touchdown, but a snake eye on the pick up stops me in my tracks. Melisqus werewolf are able to get rid of Vermini (KO) and his Ghoul manage to recover the ball without use of reroll. Melisqus cage up and manage to score in turn 15. This gives me two turn to score a TD and I still got a reroll. To my surprise do Melisqus set all of his player (except for the three players at the LOS) back by his endzone. This is an incredible bad decision and to be completely honest am I really surprised to see Melisqus make an error like this. Now can I advance quickly, set up a cage and place my two receivers in it. Here comes the kick-off and…. Perfect Defence…. Come on, seriously. Saved by the bell. Melisqus reorganise his defence and this gives me a really hard time as he blocked the way I wanted to run. My two receiver gutter runners attempt to run around the creepy walking dead but as they powerwalk like a crazy do they catch up and my one standing gutter runner will have to roll a six to catch the ball. My passer gutter runner fumbles the pick up and the game ends 0-1. My little rats second loss this year. A terrible start for this tournament.

    Match #2 vs Mufflo Amazons

    A rematch between Verminton Tailgunners and Holy Sisters of Thyr, last time did we play 2-2 at the Super Brawl MMXIV in Borlänge. This game could have been an even one but Princess and Freddy Krueger destroyed that by killing 3 of the 4 blitzers in turn 5 & 6. I scored in turn 8, 1-0. During the second half do the nuns try to make the best out of a bad situation and attempts a passing play but Princess are there once again to ruin it with an interception. I cheer with joy for Princess, she is on fire today! All of a sudden do I feel like someone are watching me and I notice Johnnyd giving me a evil gaze. He haven’t got over our NAFC game yet, where Princess also made an interception. Princess advances and score 2-0 in turn 13 and I can just fend of the nuns until the game is all over.

    Match #3 vs Mago Wood Elves

    Time for a grudge game! Mago were the only one to have beaten the unstoppable Verminton Tailgunners (before Melisqus ruined it) and its time payback for our last game. My rats get to start with ball and I fail the first pickup but I have 3 tackle zones on the ball so I am not that worried. Mago sends down a wardancer that takes a one die block and pushes away one of the players player marking the ball. He sends down two catchers, one that he place in the open and one that runs in to pick up the ball, dodge free and the pass the open catcher. Mago screens of most of my team but with 1 GFI can Freddy Krueger with tackle blitz Magos catcher with 2 dices. Freddy fail the GFI and wastes the reroll just to be able to hit the catcher [Push Push]. A wardancer blitzes the catcher free and Mago scores the 0-1 Touchdown in turn 2 of my drive… Ahh… Mah… Gadh… Im a sad panda atm but I can fix this (I hope). I regroup and advances close to one of the sidelines where I manage to fend of the elves. It look like I will be able to score the 1-1 td before halftime. Magos Strip Ball Wardancer leaps in and take a 1d on my ball carrier [POW]. The ball scatters on to one of my Linemen that fail the catch, on to a stunned elf and out into the crowd. The crowd then tosses the ball 10 squares right into the hand of a Wood Elf catchers that hands over the ball to another catcher that stalls and scores the 0-2 in turn 8. In the second half do Mago score 0-3 in turn 5 and I try to at least get one touchdown but my gutter runner Speedy Goalzales stumbles and fall on the GFI in turn 16. So the game ended 0-3, but I won a spot price because of that failed GFI, a “Super Punch Troll” sculpted by Gimpen, woho!

    Match #4 vs Gimpen Ogres

    I have been looking forward to this game, a nice and chatty coach with a tier 3 team. Can’t ask for more. Gimpen get to start with the ball and a pouring rain can make it tricky for his ogres to pick up the ball, but these elf like ogrers have no problem handling the ball. The ball carrying ogre boneheads twice and my rats are quickly closing in and two linerats can mark him. Secluded from his ogrer friends do the ogre hand over the ball to a snotling and tell him “Run snotling! RUN!” The snotling dodge past princess elusive tail and even Freddy Krueger with tackle can’t stop this sprinting snotling. Rattitude Runzalot catches up with the snotling and strips the ball from the snotling but the ball bounces into the hands of the Block Ogre that catches it and makes a run for it. Three linerats and a gutter runner catches up and pushes him to the sideline but the ogre are still standing tall. All the ogrer need to do now are blitz up a hole and the dodge free for the 0-1 touchdown but he stumbles when doding on one of the rats tail…. And he dies! He´s DEAD!! Speedy Goalzales hands over the ball to Rattitude Runzalot, Rattitude Runzalot passes the ball to Vermini Houdini, Vermini Houdini runs like a warpstorm wind and scores the touchdown in turn 8. So Gimpens drive ends 1-0 to the rats. The Ogrers are now outnumbered and in the second half do my rats score in turn 10 and then again in turn 15 so the game ends 3-0. Dumbest Ogrer this game were the Break Tackle Ogrer that with 5/8 failed bonehead rolls in second half.

    Match #5 vs Coma Skaven

    Another tournament, another match #5 vs the dreadful Coma. This time have come brought his new and incredible good looking rats, painted by Hemlighallaren (I belive). Even if this is Comas first tournament playing Skaven do I know better than underestimate him. We play different set ups, Coma goes for a more johnnyd style, cagebreaker. Four Gutter Runner and no Rat Ogre will he not be able to go toe to toe with my bashy rat crew. I start with the ball because I want to control the bash and put some hurt to Coma, but as I can’t use Skitter Stab-Stab this tournament do I lack the firepower I need to hurt a skaven team as much as I would like. In my offence do I end up in a bad position where I have to bash a way open. I needed a POW or a POWPPUSH on the blitzer, but got only PUSH, if I want to go for the touchdown do I have to make a dodge. Coma looked confused and asked why I blitzed that player, when I could just have blitzed a linerat where a push would have been enough for the touchdown… These kind of errors are not acceptable, I have made a few bad choices this tournament (far to many imo) but all of them have end in disaster. In a poor attempt to wave of this upcoming disaster do I say “How hard can it be? Let’s score a touchdown!”, I can’t protect the ball where I stand so I pick up a die and put it in my dice cup and make the roll needed for the dodge. Please do not give me a one… I lift the cup and…. There is it! The 1! I can see how Coma can’t cover his spiteful grin, just one more 1 and he can break my offence. I pick up another die, come on! I shake the cup and bang on to the table… I lift the cup…. And there it is!! Another 1!!! Coma, that are dancing on clouds, can’t believe it, one of his gutters head for the pick up and pass for a 0-1 touchdown but a little to many rolls were 1s and stops his counter offence! Rattitude Runzalot snatches the ball and score in turn 6. Giving Coma 3 turns to score. No problem for coma that nails a quick offence, 1-1. Second half are upon us and Coma makes quick work of his offence scoring 1-2 in turn 2. My turn to show of some offensive skills. To secure my ball carrier do I make a 2d with a linerat but a [Both Down, Both Down], reroll [Both Down, SKULL] compromises my cage. Coma got a good shot on my ballcarrier. He sends in a block Gutter Runner to blitz my Gutter runner but he fails on the GFI and have to burn his reroll. Here comes the block and… It’s a SKULL! THE GUTTER RUNNER DIES!!! Coma can’t believe it, but it soon went from bad to worse. Princes kills another Gutter, Freddy Krueger Badly Hurts a Linerat and guts the Organ Grinder Knocks out a blitzer. Here turns the tide and I can safely score a touchdown in turn 16 ending the game 2-2. When you play like a retard will you need the dices on your side and one turn of incredible rolls can sometimes be all you need. From this game have I realized how helpful a linerat with wrestle can be. It is like a budget stormvermin and also giving three “safe” blocks on the LOS. A wrestle Linerat can also be put to good use when trying to open a path that a block player stand in. Thank you for the game Coma! Think you reduced my lifespan with a couple of years.

    Match #6 vs meowth Vampire

    I don’t know much about meowth because I have never played against him, but meowth coached his Undeads to the victory of the Chaos Cup 2013 and are here and now coaching a Vampire team. Vampire teams can be tricky, with some luck are they dangerous but you always have to remember that they are like a double-edged sword. When Vampire starts to backfire can it go downhill quick. meowts vampires gets to start with the ball. To my surprise do meowth play pretty careful and only activates his vampires when he needs to and let his thrall do the grunt work. When he only activating one or two vampires each turn can meowth conserve his rerolls. The vampires advances along the left flank and seems like there is nothing that can stop them. One of the dodge vampires tries to dodge away from Freddy and Princes but their tackle and prehensile tail flips the vampire on her face. This gives me a possibility to chain push Guts the Organ Grinder into base contact with the ball carrier, thanks to Princess Frenzy. Guts takes a one die and POW the vamp goes down. Vermini Houdini snatches the ball and heads for the endzone. A Thrall catches up to Houdini and wrecks him. A vampire comes running, picks up and tosses the ball 10 squares to another vampire that catches the ball and hands it over to a thrall that scores the 0-1 touchdown in turn 6. So close to be able to break the vampires offence, but I will have to be happy that I forced him to score early giving me three turns to retaliate and in turn 8 can I run in the 1-1 td. In the second half do I decide to score quickly and take a 2-1 lead to secure that I will at least tie this game. The vamps got 6 turns to score and that should be more than enough. My rats are right up in the face of the vamps forcing the vamps to push on hard leaving their ball carrier wide open for one of my gutters. Rattitude Runzalot got the honour and with strip ball is there a 44% chance without reroll that I will pop lose the ball and it might scatter into the crowd. I still got Vermini Houdini on standby to go and grab the ball. Here comes the blitz….. BOOM it’s a [POW POW] and the dodge vampire goes down! Ball scatters into the crowd that tosses the ball next to Vermini Houdini that picks it up and runs away to hide behind Princess. Vermini thought about punting the ball out of reach for the vamps but if Vermini fumbles the ball will the vamps probably score. To be able to knock lose the ball do meowth have to send one of his thralls to do it but dodging past Princess can be dangerous. Princess wagging her smooth tail so that it trips the thrall and the game is lost for the vamps. Vermini Houdini runs up and passes the ball to Speedy Goalzales that score the 3-1 touchdown.

    This tournament ended 3/1/2 for me and it is my worst performance so far with my skaven team putting me at a still really good record of 19/8/3. My loses can only be blamed on me this time and I do not want to repeat this experience. In an attempt to improve have I been looking at different parts of how I play to figure out what I need to change. I have searched different forums for tips and trix. Found this The Thousand Losses Playbook, written by Wreckage, and I must say that I am quite impressed with how much essential and good points he highlights in this book. He covers the most basic stuff but also focus in on some details. I recommend this to any Blood Bowl player that want to improve.

    I also found this Skaven Playbook – Shooting the gap written by Garion. Covering more specific play styles of Skaven also a good read, even if I disagree on his point of view regarding the Rat Ogre. WOOOOH! GO PRINCESS! WOH-WOH-WOH!

    I just have to mention Blood Bowl Tactics started by Coach. I often return to BBT for ideas and inspiration.

    I have also been taking a look on my one turner offence as they are quite important for a skaven coach. My one turner have been a bit iffy so to improve did I start to play a game I call OTTO in excel. OTTO is short for One Turn Touchdown Offence, here is a link to a fresh sheet of OTTO. First do I create a defence I want to beat and then try to beat it with my standard team set up. When I have figured out how to beat it do I write down what kind of rolls that are required and then put them into a Blood Bowl calculator called Samba Action Calculator. By doing this will I become more familiar with what I require to score a one turn touchdown, what are my odds for succeeding, what player are important and how many will I need. When I started did write every move I made, but as I got better did do I only calculate what my odds are. This is almost like playing Sudoku, surprisingly addictive. To remember the different defences have I given them names but most defence build on three different set ups. The “Normal” mode where you have three players together at the line of scrimmage. The “Semi” where you got one space between the players at the line of scrimmage. The “Split” where you got two spaces between the players at the line of scrimmage. To make it easier to calculate do I assume that a gutter runner catch the ball on a high kick and I can hand over or pass when I see it fit to my offence. I also assume that it is nice weather during my offence. I added 3 kinds of flatline defence in the OTTO, try your best and beat them.

    A last minute shout out, for the team captain of Team Sweden that started an interesting thread (unfortunately written in Swedish for my international followers) about his preparation for the Eurobowl. Here is his thread for you who can read Swedish: Linky Linky Link

    I have painted Morg’n’Thorg to my Ogre team and this is how he turned out:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-14 13.37.53.jpg 
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Size:	250.8 KB 
ID:	198520Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-14 13.36.57.jpg 
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ID:	198517Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-14 13.37.15.jpg 
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Size:	290.6 KB 
ID:	198518Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-14 13.37.24.jpg 
Views:	39 
Size:	265.2 KB 
ID:	198519

    Me and some friends at the Swedish Blood Bowl Alliance forum have been creating a Necromantic team, everybody paint pick a miniature to paint and then we have a lottery to see who gets the team. Here is my contribution to the team:

    In my next post will I talk about my experience of Sin City Bowl, our local stunty leeg mid-season dungeon bowl event and also have an update on LockedBlues progress on the Nurgle Team. So until next time, PZ!
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