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    @Nohistor: Thanks for the games IRL and at Fumbbl, sad that our last game got so dicey. First time I have ever seen the gnomes get pitch cleared! That were some extremely bad dices m8!

    @Beastley: Hehehe, I like traveling, going place and bash orc faces. In Sweden we have a great Blood Bowl community and just hang out with other coaches are probably one of the best way to spend a weekend. As I am writing this am I sitting on the train back home from Sundsvall where I attended another tournament, the Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament. The train trip are about 850km, one way. Here you got my experience of the tournament.

    Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament
    As I didn’t want to risk losing my ranking did I decide that I would leave my rats at home and surprise everyone by bringing my Ogre team, “Vabbande Vermintons Vikarier” (in English, Child Caring Vermintons Substitutes). Also would it be fun to surprise everybody, as they stopped asking what team I will play. They just assume that it will be rats. I arrived late at the Friday evening and walked around in Sundsvall looking for Orions gameshop where I would me up some coaches for beer and board games, but I accidently typed in the wrong address so it took quite a walk to find the shop, for about 45 mins. At my arrival had Bernuz, Skuld & Mortimess just finished playing some sort of board game that Skuld had won and were just about to start playing a new game that joined in. We played a card game called Flux and later when some of the coaches from Stockholm arrived did we play a game of Robo-Rally. Skuld won both those games as well. After that did we head out to the place where we would play the tournament and set up camp. I had brought an inflatable bed to sleep on that I would sleep surprisingly well in. After setting up camp did we play a game of Ticket to Ride which I were extremely terrible at. Oh, and btw did Skuld won again. We headed to bed around 03:00 and I slept all night and woke up first when Mortimess came to prep for the tournament around 09:00. I tried to keep it a secret that I would play Ogrers as long as possible and first after I got matched up against my first opponent did I revile that I were playing Ogrers. My first Opponent were Pellevin with his humans and the confused look on his face were priceless when I started to setting up Ogrers at the pitch. Before we start the first match do Mortimess announce that there are some spot prices that you could win if you got a Blood-Bowl-Bingo! Here is the Bingo sheet. As I believe that my chance to win a match here are pretty slim did I decide to try and get as many Bingos as possible.

    Match #1 vs Pellevin Humans

    I have never played against humans in a tournament before, but I have played a lot against diddyboys team, the “Boys in the Hood” so I know what humans are capable of. Pellevins humans wins the coin toss and may start with the ball. I set up three ogers on middle of line of scrimmage with guard in the middle accompanied with my skill less and PO ogre. The humans that got guard on three out the four blitzers and block on their ogre so they will probably go for a bash at the LOS. I aim for the middle of the pitch at the kick-off, the kick is short and almost ends up in the crowd. The ball ended up in the square by the side line and the wide zones midfield line. Pellevin start the bash on the LOS but without any major success, one ogre fell over but were saved by his armour. The human thrower are to far away and a linemen attempts to pick up the ball. The linemen wastes the reroll and an ogre fan in the crowd snatches the ball and toss it 9 squares into the Ogre part of the pitch right next to a snotling. The snotling picks up the ball and cage up pretty close to the LOS. Turn one of Pellevins drive and I got the ball in a cage, not bad not bad! Pellevin spends most of his second turn cursing his dices and at my second turn will I do the same. I decide to try and advance my cage into Pellevins part of the pitch but my Ogrers decide to go on a strike. Four out of my sixe ogrers decide to bonehead in a row leaving an opening for Pellevin to attack my ball carrier. Said and done, Pellevin manage to sack my ballcarrier and can have a second attempt to retrieve the ball. The Thrower makes an attempt to pick up the ball(3+) but fails. The ball scatters onto a prone ogre and onto a boneheaded ogre and the into an “open” square. The so called “open” square got 6 ogre/snotling tacklezones on it. A snot picks up the ball and head towards the humans end zone. Screened off do the humans try to run around and head for their own end zone to prevent the snotling from scoring. The ogrer manage to rack up a bunch of casualties, including both the humans thrower and their catcher. The Ogrer and a human Linemen are heading quickly back to put pressure on the snot that will be one GFI short to score in the next turn. Here is probably one of the game breaking moments that me and Pellevin talked a lot about after the game. If the linemen would have taken one GFI more, then wouldn’t my ogrer have reached him with 2 GFI (and CASed him). This gives my snot Tense Tyrone a safe pocket to hide within and stall to turn 8 for the 1-0 touchdown. The humans are one td down and lacking a big number of their players. I lack one of my ogrers but still got most of my snots. In the second half did the humans go on a snotling purge and manage to remove all of them from the pitch. In turn 15 do I have this situation. Four ogrers vs one human ogre, four blitzers and a linemen. Here is a replay of the situation:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Leif “Loket” Olsson runs in the 2-0 td in turn 16. In the humans last turn didn’t they even get the possibility to pick-up the ball as it got kicked all the way back into their end zone. This game were my first game that my opponent did not get to carry the ball. Great start of this tournament for my Ogres.

    Match #2 vs Khanmank Chaos Pact
    A new opponent I have never faced before and also a new team I have never face before in tournament environment. Khanmank have skilled his ogre with block, minotaur with juggernaut, troll with guard and a little rat with block. Kinda ideal set up vs ogrers, ah well, let’s see how this will go. The Chaos pact gets to start with the ball and the elf are quick to pick up the ball. Khanmank attempts to get his bash on but his ogre boneheads leaving the troll to handle the LOS of ogrers on his own. In my turn do I attempt to bash their line but only pushes leaves us at a cold war situation. The block runs around hunting for snotlings and he does quite a good job stunning or knocking out on every blitz. In turn four do I have a shot with my Break Tackle ogre to blitz the elf but a bonehead stops me in my track. I decide to not reroll the bonehead as I would have to make two dodges and 2 GFI to make it happen. The elf score the 0-1 in turn 6 giving me 3 turns to score. My Sure Hands ogre catches the ball on the kick and rush to the LOS. My crew realise that the time is running away from them and in turn 7 do I realize that my ogre won´t reach the endzone and I come up with a cunning plan on how to solve this. RUN FER YER LAJF!! Two ogrers runs up with 4x GFI to create the two front corners of my cage. Laptop Larry runs up and place him in what will be the centre of the cage with 2x GFI. Leif with the ball comes running with 2xGFI and hands over the ball to Larry. The Snotling Laptop Larry gets put to the test and he manage to grab the ball. Guarded inside of the cage prevents the Chaos Pact from attacking him. In the last turn of the first half can Larry run in the 1-1 touchdown after have dodged twice and made two GFI. Good job Larry! In the second half do Leif need two attempts to pick up the ball but he got it and heading towards the cage. As I entered the second half with number advantage did I feel pretty good, but that would pretty quickly turn around as the snots started flying of the pitch but in this darkness did a light start to shine as the minotaur triple skulled on my snotling Hulk Hogan, ROAR! Loner failed and it were a sweet turnover. My cage, or what were left of it, advances up along the west side line. The Chaos pact boneheads, the troll is far away but try to catch up and the minotaur is whining at the floor. Just some line grunts in the ogrers path now. Peter “Skeletor” Harryson blitz open a path for “Loket” and now it´s up to “Loket” to seal the deal. Bonehead! God dammit, reroll BONEHEAD! This is not good. The troll are closing in and the Ogre closes the gap that Harryson had created. Leif have to move the ball into safety, he can´t stay where he is right now, BONEHEAD! Come on “Loket”! I told you to move! Before Loket can get away comes the Chaos Pact ogrer flailing like he were Steven Seagal and bash in the face of “Loket” that drops the ball. The Chaos Pact minotaur miraculously catches the bouncing ball and rushes towards the end zone. The two snotlings Tense Tyrone and Smooth Brody manage to catch up with the minotaur and all that stands between the Chaos Pact victory is a Wild Animal roll and a 4+ dodge. The dice is rolling and it’s a 2! He want to go for the touchdown and here comes the dodge…. It’s a 3!! He falls! The minotaur falls!!! The ref ends the game 1-1! Saved by the bell can the ogre team breathe out!

    Between the games did I find this AWZM Ogre coached by Ikki:

    Match #3 vs deathstalker97 Dwarfs

    The Ogrer team can barely recover from the last game before they have to face their next opponents, a bunch of heavily armoured dwarfs with a taste for snotling blood. As I didn’t know my opponent since before did I do my test run of routine questions in attempt to figure how much experience of Blood Bowl he had and what types of plays he would likely to pull off. I knew that the dwarfs he coach were his friends, Hemlighållarens, extremely well painted minis. His NAFname, deathstalker97, sound impressive but he didn’t have any previous record. He won the fame, but I won the coin toss and got to start with the ball. I start of with some dwarf bashing at the LOS but no AV breaks. Loket picks up the ball without the use of Sure Hands and can quickly advance towards the middle of the pitch. The dwarf closes in and so early as in turn 2 can they put pressure on my cage. In a poor attempt to fend them off, do I feel how the bearded wall of metal are closing in on my ball carrier Leif “Loket” Olsson. The dwarfs advances closer and closer on the east flank and on of the dwarf slayers manage to run around and with 2 GFI get a dauntless block on “Loket”, but he wasted the reroll on the GFI so the block results in a push. Now is the time to make or brake my offence. If “Loket” blitzes a longbeard and manage to knock him over can he switch side and advance towards the dwarfs endzone. POW! POW! The dwarf is knocked over and here goes “Loket”. Following “Loket” comes the three snotlings Tense Tyrone, Smooth Brody & Hulk Hogan that dodges past the wall of dwarfs and sets up a screen. Deathstalker97 can’t believe his eyes when he realised that the dwarf that “Loket” knocked over were the only player with tackle on the west side of the pitch so the snotlings had no problem dodging past tackleless dwarfs. “Loket” can run in the touchdown in turn 7, even if I had a reroll left overall didn’t I dare stalling to turn 8 as a snake eye would probably cost me the game. Deathstalker97 and his dwarfs only got two turns to score but they got two rerolls and with some luck can they maybe pull it off. A runner catches the ball on a high kick hands it over to the other runner that can advance up to the LOS. The dwarfs push on the left flank and send in players to mark my ogrers and they still got enough players to screen of their blitzer that will have a shot on the 1-1 goal next turn. In an attempt to stop the dwarfs from scoring did I let my ogrers bash as many dwarfs as possible. My break tackle ogrer blitzes open a hole where my snots can run in and mark the blitzer. Two of my snot risk their life in attempt to stop the goal, one of them got blitzed by the tackle slayer and suffered a grim hit to the face. The dwarf blitzer dodges free but it cost a reroll in the process so no will the dwarfs have to complete the short pass without a reroll. It´s a pass(4+) and a catch(3+). Here comes the happy runner that tosses the ball, a 6! A perfect hit, all the dwarf need now for the 1-1 touchdown is a 3+, can they get it? OH NOOES! It’s a 2 and no reroll means that the ogre team will enter the half time with a 1-0 lead! In the second half do we start with a blitz for the ogrers that tosses down a snotling to the dwarfs part of the field and place himself under the ball, but failed to catch Harrysons kick. The two runners in the back manage to eliminate the threat but fail to pick up the ball. Harryson tosses down another snotling to dwarfs end of the pitch that falls but don´t suffer an armour break. The snotling Tense Tyrone manage to pick up the ball in two tacklzones, dodge free and take two GFI towards the endzone but still 4 squares away. If he had landed the toss would this mean that the score would be 2-0 right now.

    The block runner POWs the crap out of Tyrone that’s get knocked out. Deathstalker97 manage to regroup his troops and advance towards the ogrers half of the pitch. In turn five of the second half do the dwarfs make a handover and takes 2 GFI for the touchdown, 1-1. The Ogrers got only 4 turns to score and that’s a long run for an ogrer, but “Loket” is up for the challenge and with his sure hands dose he manage the pick up on the first try. “Loket” cages up close to the LOS but a failed block gives the opportunity to the dwarfs to mark “Loket” and the rest of them to move in closer as they got the pressure on the ogrers. “Loket” is locked down and deathstalker97 probably thinks he got him pinned down, and he is correct, but he forgot about the snotling Tense Tyrone that came back from the KO. “Loket” hands over the ball to Tyrone that dodges past the line of dorfs, followed by Dagger Danny and the Break Tackle ogre Göran “Buffeln” Persson. The only threat to Tyrone now that dorfs moved forward are the Tackle troll slayer that with 2 GFI can blitz Tyrone with a 3D block. The snotling Grumpy Gregg gonna stop him and dodges past four long beards with four dodges to mark the salyer, forcing him to dodge(4+) as well if he will be going after Tyrone. The slayer are going for it but a snake eye and he falls on the dodge!!! This means that tense tyrone can run up and score the 2-1 touchdown in turn 16!!! Game ends 2-1 to the ogrers vs deathstalker97s dwarfs! Good game!
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