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    Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl!

    This is a bloodbowl plog where I will paint bloodbowl teams and other related minis. Now do you maybe wonder, what is bloodbowl? Blood Bowl is a two-player, turn-based board game that typically uses 28 mm miniatures to represent a contest between two teams on a playing field. A board containing a grid overlay represents the field. Using dice, cards, and counters, the players attempt to score higher than each other by entering the opponent's end zone with a player who possesses the ball.

    If you want to know how to play bloodbowl, here is a link to the "Rule Book". There is also a rulebook for more squishy teams, also known as stunty teams, here is a link to the "Stunty Leeg Rule Book". If you read the rulebook and want to try playing the game then can you join "Fumbbl" where you can create a team and play against other coaches. If you want tips on how to develope your team or just want to know more about the players, then here is a link to "Coachs Blood Bowl Tactics". If you still hunger for more info here is a link to ""Wiki bloodbowl page"".

    I started this plog because I got some teams that i want to build and to get myself to finish a job will I try not do any other models until a project is finished (AKA got a playable team). When I start a project can you expect my update to be about that team and if I start doing other models please make me staph!!!

    I am a Swedish student and my favorite hobby is bloodbowl. I started playing bloodbowl for about ten years ago but back then did we only play maybe seven games before testing some other games. About two years ago did me and a friend start playing a few games and I was hooked. Now am I active in three local leagues here in my hometown and I have started competing in bigger tournaments here in Sweden, last year did I travel to Varberg and played a tourney at Warcon and also to Örebro and competed at Narke bowl. This year have I been to Malmö Masters where I got to play against some Danish opponents, had a hard time understand what they were saying but they were a jolly bunch of people and I had a blast. I have just started up a new league here in my hometown where we play with only stunty teams. I planning to travel to Stockholm and compete at Stock bowl and also participate at a practice tourney with Team Sweden. I hope you will enjoy reading my plog.

    List of Content:
    I'am starting up a local Stunty Leeg in my hometown and just finnished painting my Squig Herder team and thought about starting a plog about my bloodbowl projects. Teams that I have finished or will be working on in a near future are:

    Teams featured in the plog:

    Goblin - Disasterous Delirium Clan - Done.
    Squig Herders - Disasterous Delirium Clans Herders - Done.
    Goblin Cheaters- Disasterous Delirium Clans Cheaters - Done.
    Forest Goblin - Disasterous Delirium Clans Shamans - 2 Spiderriders wip.
    Chaos - Redskin Riot - Done.
    Orcs - Redskin Greenskin - Done
    Skaven - Verminton Tailgunners - Done
    Snotling - Done
    Ogre - Need 1 more Ogre & Starplayer Brick and Grotty
    Albino Fae - Chaos Entities United - Done
    Chaos Dwarfs - Santa Claws & his little helpers -Done
    Nurgle - Heppatit Elite

    Nurglings - WIP need moar paint on big guys
    Vampire - Iced
    Lizardmen - Done but planning a new team or repaint.
    Multi Elf - Wip

    NAF-ranked Tournaments:
    3/2/1 – NärkeBowl 2013 – Norse – 7/26
    2/1/3 – Malmö BloodBowl Masters – Norse – 13/20
    5/1/0 – Stock Bowl Cup IV – Skaven – 1/46 *Champion*
    5/1/0 – Doubt V – Skaven – 3/24 *Top Scorer*
    3/2/1 – Super Brawl – Skaven – 7/32
    1/1/2 – GothBowl XI – Goblin – 10/14 *Best Stunty*
    3/3/0 – The NAF Championship (England) 2415 – Skaven – 20/164
    3/1/2 – Sweden Blood Bowl Championship – Skaven – 10/25
    3/0/0 – Sin City Bowl (USA) – Skaven – 1/24 *Champion*
    3/1/2 – Twin Mountain Blood Bowl Tournament – Ogre – 6/18 *Best Stunty*
    3/1/1 – Oktober Bowl – Chaos – 5/30
    2/1/3 – Eurobowl (Belgium) – Skaven – Team 7/18 – Personal 72/144
    4/0/2 – Stock Bowl Cup V – Skaven – 10/40 *Top Scorer*
    The Swedish Spring Series 2515 started:
    3/2/1 – Doubt VI – Skaven – 2/22 – 13pts
    0/3/2 – Banquet Bowl – Orc – 11/12 – 2pts
    3/3/0 – NärkeBowl – Wood Elf (2/1/0) / Elf (1/2/0) – 1/24+7/23 = 3/24 *Day 1 Winner**Top Scorer* 12pts
    3/1/1 – GothBowl XII – Dark Elf – 2/18 *Top coach Day 1 & Dungeon Bowl Winner Day 2**Top Scorer* 12pts
    3/0/2 – StockBowl Team Cup – Goblin(3/0/2) & Team(4/1/0) – individual(10/24) & Team(1/6) *Team Champions**Best Stunty*11pts
    The Swedish Spring Series 2515 ended: 1/61*Champion* 1/12*Best Stunty*37pts/11pts
    3/1/2 – NAF Championship 2015 (England) – Halfling – 58/150 *Best Stunty*
    2/2/2 – Pouring Rain (Norway) – Chaos Pact – 12/22
    4/0/2 – StockBowl VI – Orc – 10/46
    6/1/2 – World Cup 3 (Italy) – Wood Elf – 55/912 – Team: Swedish Blood Bowl Alliance – 5/2/2 – 15/152
    The Swedish Spring Series 2516 started:
    3/1/2 – Doubt SE7EN – Chaos Dwarf – 9/24

    Upcoming NAF-ranked Tournaments:

    AdventureBowl – 6-7 February (Östersund)
    Necronomican Bowl – 5-6 March (Stockholm)
    GothBowl – 19-20 March (Göteborg)
    StockBowl Team Cup – 9-10 April (Stockholm)
    NAFC – 30 April - 1 May (Nottingham)
    BeerBeer Open - 21 May (Finland)
    MelisqusBowl – 28-29 May (Göteborg)
    Buzzqvarna Cup – 18 june (Umeå)

    Team Records:
    Result – Team – Ranking
    70/29/33 – Total – -------
    31/11/9 – Skaven – 204.01
    8/2/2 – Wood Elf – 196.55
    3/1/1 – Chaos – 161.20
    3/1/2 – Halfling – 158.57
    5/3/4 – Norse – 157.63
    3/1/1 – Dark Elf – 157.38
    1/2/0 – Elf – 155.55
    3/1/2 – Chaos Dwarf – 155.44
    4/3/4 – Orc – 155.14
    4/1/4 – Goblin – 154.55
    3/1/2 – Ogre – 154.33
    2/2/2 – Chaos Pact – 151.24

    Alternative Blood Bowl Versions/Rules:
    Shot Block - Drinking game and are my own deranged creation
    Stunty Leeg Handbook - Big thanks to the guys at Fumbbl that developed this!

    My OTTOs/special plays:
    OTTO 3MID 5player - Ex. of a Skaven OTTO
    Clean OTTO
    vs Ozt
    vs Mufflo
    vs Dirold
    vs Pellevin

    Recomended guides & other stuff:

    CRP - The current rules
    CRP Clarifications - To make everything crystal clear
    Stunty Leeg Handbook - Big thanks to the guys at Fumbbl that developed this!
    Stunty Roster Wiki - The wiki with latest updates of the teams, includes Pro Halflings and Squig update

    Quick Roster - Great tool when planning tournament teams
    Samba Action Calculator - Helpful calculator to help you with the math of Blood Bowl

    The Thousand Losses Playbook ed1 - A great book about everything written by Wreckage
    Shooting the gap - Skaven Handbook written by Garion. Good Stuff!
    Yin and Yang - Smash and Dash - Lizardmen Handbook written by Garion. Keep em coming!
    Leap to Victory - Wood Elf Handbook written by Garion.

    SWE Blood Bowl Alliance - The Swedish Blood Bowl Forum!
    SWE Ranking - Current NAF SWE Ranking

    Need some Blood Bowl inspiration, check out some other coaches plogs:
    Dungeon Bowl by Wishing, filled with a lot of tips regarding how to create a good looking dungeon.
    Wishing´s Blood Bowl Teams by Wishing, some extra stuff
    Bögenhafen-Bone-Breakers by Zywus, a mostly UD plog
    Mostly a Blood Bowl Plog by Suncar, IRL friends Warseer Plog
    More Suncar stuff, this one do I totally recommend (even though it is in Swedish) as you can see his WIP pictures of some really cool stuff
    Ogre Maneaters by Lew_b81, that got one of the biggest and most well-known warhammer threads have made some Blood Bowl stuff as well, here is his Orcs.
    Ogre Maneaters by Lew_b81, here is his Humans.
    Ogre Maneaters by Lew_b81, here is his take on a Blood Bowl Ogre
    Beastley’s Blood Bowl Bonanza by Beastley, showcasing some nice sculpting ideas
    The Wildwood Wanderers - A Blood Bowl Log by Fold, WE team & pitch pulled of perfectly
    Richs´ blood bowl teams by Richy376, a great plog featuring a lot of WIP pictures
    Welcome to my Blood Bowl plog by Nohistor, that totally deserves a turn 16 foul!
    Blood Bowl – Elf Insurance and friends by Geckilian, a Nice little DE plog
    Gargantuan´s Blood Bowl log by Gargantuan, pretty little plog featuring some UD and human players
    Gargobot´s Blood Bowl Playbook by Gargobot, nice little Zons plog.
    Red´s BloodBowl Log by Red Skullz, Cool plog featuring some cool sculpting and well painted players.
    Klas Blood Bowl teams by Klasalmroth, cool little CD plog
    Turf Torpedoes Goblins by tjub, a nice gobbo team (Swe)
    Old ma chaos + more by Lard, great Chaos Pact + Undead/Necro (Swe)
    Peddas Plog by Pedda, showing some of peddas work (need to be logged in at TFF to view)
    Pedda målar modeller more stuff by Pedda (Swe)
    Pedda & Blood Bowl filled with match reports and latest projects!
    Dwarfs, Ogre, (Chaos) Dwarf, High Elf, Human by Hemlighallaren, probably the most skilled painter I know. (Swe)
    Hall of fame by Laughing Ferret Studio, great inspiration
    Jox målar humans by Jox, Human wip (Swe)
    Lard on a mission... by Lard, Chaos Pact wip (Swe)

    I'll post new pictures of my progess when I have something to show. I have no planned order or time limit on my projects so updates can vary alot.

    Goblin Team Project

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.01.23.jpg 
Views:	240 
Size:	308.2 KB 
ID:	176268Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.01.40.jpg 
Views:	524 
Size:	314.5 KB 
ID:	176269Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.01.48.jpg 
Views:	223 
Size:	341.8 KB 
ID:	176270Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.02.17.jpg 
Views:	242 
Size:	306.1 KB 
ID:	176271

    After I finished painting these did I think about maybe paint up some more night goblins so I could play maybe Goblin Cheater team aswell. What I didnt know were that I would enjoy painting these little buggers a little bit to much so I ended up painting a whole bunch of them. Now do I have enough nightgoblins so I can play Squig Herders, Goblin Cheaters, Forest Goblins and the classic normal goblin team.
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Here do we have my Goblin Cheater team with a close up on the chainsaws and the starplayer Odster.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.08.51.jpg 
Views:	258 
Size:	354.6 KB 
ID:	176274

    Forest Goblins
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.12.38.jpg 
Views:	261 
Size:	352.4 KB 
ID:	176276Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.13.15.jpg 
Views:	168 
Size:	347.9 KB 
ID:	176277Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.13.35.jpg 
Views:	221 
Size:	324.8 KB 
ID:	176278

    I just got two spider riders from a friend and havnt painted them yet. I'll add a pic of them when they been painted.
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    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    And last but not least we have a picture of the whole Disasterous Delirium Clan and two closeup pics on the trolls.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.16.36.jpg 
Views:	150 
Size:	351.5 KB 
ID:	176279Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 15.17.01.jpg 
Views:	145 
Size:	460.8 KB 
ID:	176280

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    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Skaven Team Project

    When I started with bloodbowl 10 years ago did we use warhammer miniature to play and didnt have any "real" sculpted/painted team so now will I do a remake on my first team, Verminton Tailgunners. I have started by stripping the weapons, added shoulderpads and cloaks. The cloaks are created with Grey Stuff. I used to be one of those that were hellbent on use Green stuff because that how we have always done thing around here *grumpy grump*, but now am I completely sold on Grey stuff. Very easy to use and I higly recomand it over Green stuff. The miniatures are the old skaven night runners.

    Gutter Runners:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 19.03.25.jpg 
Views:	244 
Size:	267.0 KB 
ID:	176284Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 19.03.55.jpg 
Views:	231 
Size:	274.8 KB 
ID:	176285

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 19.04.54.jpg 
Views:	150 
Size:	257.5 KB 
ID:	176286

    Linerats with the team coach:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 19.06.17.jpg 
Views:	144 
Size:	241.8 KB 
ID:	176290Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 19.06.37.jpg 
Views:	124 
Size:	318.5 KB 
ID:	176291
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    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    All teams that can have a big guy should use it imo because it adds alot of character to the team. Also its kinda easy to get attached to the big fella that beomes very quick the backbone of the team. Sometimes will he make you furious when he eats up rerolls or just stand there and moan instead of blitzing that damn elf, but when the rat ogre goes a whole game without a failed wild animal roll will he make you so proud and your opponent will curse your ST5 killing machine.

    The miniature is a rat ogre from games workshop warhammer fantasy. I added an extra head and sculpted the neck, no major change from original model.

    Rat Ogre:

    (I have also figured out how to make big pictures now)

    Skitter Stab-Stab & Thrower:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-13 19.58.57.jpg 
Views:	157 
Size:	261.6 KB 
ID:	176306

    I think the rat ogre is almost finnished, should maybe add some more highligts. All the other rats will be repainted and based like the rat ogre.
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    I love those fanatic guys holding onto the little fire-breathing dragons, great stuff. Same with the night goblin hatted trolls.

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    @Karak Norn Clansman – Thank you Flattery is always appreciated.

    @ ~Aura~ - Glad you like them. I will use them as squig riders but these new weird little squigs seem to be a little harder to control than the regular squigs.

    Time to figure out some color scheme for my small rats. I have always had in my mind that they should be purpleish but the rat ogre felt more like a dark green fella. I also want some details top pop like warpstone poisonous bright lime/slime greenish thingies. Also I need some kind of team crest. Time for some research.

    Picking colors should be the easy part (yeah right…) so I started with looking for different pictures and see what could match my rat ogres green color. Pretty soon I found this picture on deviant art created by the undrawble:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	purple_space_by_the_undrawable-d50oirz.jpg 
Views:	209 
Size:	270.9 KB 
ID:	176323

    I wanted something like this deep but warm purple feel to go with the rat ogres green color. Also will both these colors match with a “scorpion green” . Now that we got the color somewhat figured out lets figure out some skaven details that can go with em. First thought were to look in my old skaven book an see if the skaven had any number system that I could use instead of numbering my players 1,2,3,4,5,6….. , but I didn’t find any. Also the skaven alphabet is more like short squuekingish sound that will be hard to type with. Also the letters are more ofthen signs for something else. For ex this π would be skavens version of a T, but it also stand for the word “Tower”. The skaven use a lot of loanwords from other races. They probably overheard humans use the word “Tower” and added it to their vocabulary as an asset in tactical warfare.

    I found this in the 7th edition of the skaven rulebook:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Skven Runes.jpg 
Views:	2020 
Size:	303.0 KB 
ID:	176321

    I also found this germen skaven LARPing homepage with the alphabet and explanation of different signs.

    To create a team crest did I want to keep the skaven feel and would be cool if I could come up with something original. Tried to spell the teams name but that will be too long. I tested using just the initials for Verminton Tailgunners, V and T, but didn’t like the V and T signs really. I wanted to use the classic skaven rune of the great horned rat. This rune is used as a blessing and would be fitting to any bloodbowlteam, they need all the luck they can get. Then did I notice if I put the letter T over the letter V will I end with the great horned one rune with an extra line. It’ll look something like this:
    Name:  Skaven VT.jpg
Views: 3315
Size:  4.2 KB

    Let’s try this out and see what happens. I start with a black primer, scorched brown, xerus purple and started highlighting up from there. After a while did I end up with this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-14 01.54.44.jpg 
Views:	131 
Size:	243.3 KB 
ID:	176324Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-14 01.55.47.jpg 
Views:	124 
Size:	234.5 KB 
ID:	176325

    Not what I had in mind when I started, but I kept going with this trial-error painting and kept on highlighting till I ended up with purple turning into pink highlights that I thought I could wash down but no… I accidently deleted the pic but the color scheme looked something pink-limegreen-acidtrip-abomination-linerat, were so close to get the hammer and put the rat out of his misery.

    A cup of coffe and let’s try this again. Add black to the purple-pink-nightmare areas and add green and work it up. Drybrush dwarf and elf flesh to add some skin hands, nose and ears. Also added a thin dry brush layer onto the fur to easier add vermin brown on top of it later. The Tail got painted with Efl flesh, washed in Baal red and the highlighted with Elf flesh. I also added a grey color to the scheme to have another neutral contrast to the strong green purple colors.

    (I am done with painting the linerat and pics will be posted soon)
    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Painting done and I think this color scheme could work. Will maybe add name and number to the base and also add some colorcode to make it easier for my opponents to tell the diffrens between my rats. I also have to add sand and grass to the base.


    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Time for another update on Verminton Tailgunners. I am done painting with my first 5 Linerats, 6 of my 11 players on my start roster is complete. I plan to play my first game with 1 Rat Ogre, 2 Gutter Runners, 2 Stormvermins, 1 Thrower, 5 Linerats , 3 rerolls and save my last 10k gp towards the Apo.

    So let me present to you my Linerats, from left to right do we have: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, And… Dodge

    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Nice buddy!


    Why the square bases? Is that so you can clearly turn them once you've done their move?

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl


    I try use different bases to different teams to make them stand out more to each other. Some teams will have square bases and some will have the round bases. The Rat Ogres base is a little big compared to the squares on the pitch but the small square bases makes it possible to play with it. Also I am a little stuck in the feel of the square bases from my old warhammer days, back then were almost all bases squares.
    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Today have I manage to paint up the stormvermins. As you can see did I change color of the fur because according to the lore will skaven be divided into different groups at birth. A skaven borne with a darker fur will most often grow up and become bigger than their brethren and because of that are the ones borne with darker fur put in training to become the skavens elite soldiers, the stormvermin.

    From left to right do we have Second in command, Freddy Doomclaw Krueger & Teamcaptain, Guts the Organ Grinder:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-17 13.25.25.jpg 
Views:	96 
Size:	198.7 KB 
ID:	176458Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-17 13.26.39.jpg 
Views:	91 
Size:	204.7 KB 
ID:	176459Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-08-17 13.34.14.jpg 
Views:	79 
Size:	248.8 KB 
ID:	176460

    Tomorrow will we have our kick-off for our Stunty Leeg with a three games swiss tourney to determine who will become the leader and gets to hold the trophy in our leeg. A player can challange the leader and if the challenger wins will he take the trophy from the leader and become the new leader. The four players with most victories while holding the trophy at end of the season will determine the winner by a game of deathbowl.

    Wish me luck
    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Cool man, fair enough.

    They look brilliant.

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Today have been AWZM!!! The Stunty Leeg kick-off was a great success, even though I didn’t win. My DDC Herders played 1/0/2 and only one squighopper died today, two herders got –MA and one got a niggling. Ending up on a 5th place today out of 8.

    I haven’t had time to paint anything today but I’ll maybe pick up the brush later tonight and get some paint on the Gutter Runners & Thrower. Kind of tired after hosting this event so lets put the painting on a maybe today. Here are some pictures of the team that competed in todays tourney.

    Here are the coaches that competed in th Stunty Leeg Kick-off tourney warming up befor the first game:

    Here are the victorious gnoblar team, The Stunssons that won today:

    Here we got the snotling team, Ferzum Fungus that manages to do 7 casualties in their last game:

    Here we got the Forest goblin team Araneae Sylvae and…. A damn photobombing goblin cheater:

    And last but not least we got the Nurgling Team, 4. Well yes the name is correct. They are calling themselves for 4. Don’t ask why. This team manage to kill of one opponent in every game they played and added a nurglin to their roster named after the coach that coached the team they were stolen from:

    There were also some other nice teams but didnt manage to get any non-extremly-blury photos of them. Until next time , peace!
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    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    I wont add crest to these guys, think it will be to much.

    I will repaint the number 3,didnt have the right feel about it. And I will make some other changes untill next time, chill out!
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    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Team Verminton Tailgunners are now ready to enter the pitch and here comes some pics. Also I build a little “photo studio” , not the most impressive but it took me about 20 min to throw together and pictures are better now than before or at least easier to take without blur, I will try get some nice shots of my other teams.

    Verminton Tailgunners:

    ”Photo studion”:
    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    Here do we got my chaos team Redskin Riot, an orc war band that have been drinking demon blood and received the “blessing” of the old ones.

    Redskin Riot:

    Squig Horrors (AKA Beastmen):

    Squig Horrors (AKA Beastmen):

    Red Orcs (AKA Chaos Warriors):

    Well Fed Snotling (AKA Minotaur):
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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    My Red Orcs used to play in my orc team aswell as black orcs. But I had decided that I would replace that team with a new orc team but couldn’t figure out what minis I would use. I was browsing for minis when I found these at greebos homepage and thought they would fit perfect. Because after I had played against a friend where he used a magic card called Eclipse to shrink my orcs into goblins and then nuke them with a fireball three games in a row. What if my orcs didn’t return to their old size and were sort of stuck in the eclipse spell, then would these minis fit perfectly. I didn’t want to lose my Red Orcs feel so Judge Dreads got to keep his hair.

    Redskin Greenskin with Coach and Wizard at Nohistors Dugout:

    Judge Dreads before and after transformation:

    I’ll add a new team picture when I have figure out how to do their bases. Also here is a link to Nohistors plog where he shows some nice dugouts he built.
    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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    Re: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

    I found this mini in my friends bit box, it were half finished job he had done when he needed a mount but when the rulebook changed didn’t he have any use for it anymore. I asked if could have him because I just wanted to see it finished, I just had to add some fur and painting him and this is what I ended up with. I am thinking about maybe use it as a Beast of Nurgle but then should I maybe make his flesh a bit more “rotten” and “Nurglish” looking.

    Locked Blues mount:

    Also been painting some Nurglings to figure out how to paint "Nurglish flesh". I’ll add an picture when I feel done with them. I am also planning a new project, but think I need a bit more planning before posting any details about it. Till next time, peace out!
    My Blood Bowl Plog: Blood Sweat and Bloodbowl

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