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Me and some friends decided to drive cross country from New York to Los Angeles during our holyday. I just had to check out if there would be any tournaments during our visit in the states and there were one that fitted our planned route. One day after that we would arrive to Las Vegas will there be a tournament called Sin City Bowl and I just had to bring my rats. Here are my experience of the preparation for and my games at the Sin City Bowl.

Sin City Bowl
I started planning for this tournament already before I attended the NAFC and I actually played my first practice game in England against brocCooLi. We played first one game where I played Skaven and then a game where brocCooLi played Skaven so that we could see both sides of the coin. I recommend that you do this when you want to learn how to play a new team. When I were in Stockholm did I ask Ozt about the opponents in the USA, in hunt for some insider information. After a long chat, while he crushed me on some Super Mario coin game, did he tell me that I had good chances and if I keep my game together should I be able to win the tournament. The pressure is on, and adding my performance at the SBBC do I really have to win. I need to prove for myself that I still got it. On my way home from the SBBC did I have a chat with Melisqus regarding my roster over a beer and he gave me some good pointers. During my long hours in the car while traveling the states did I try to figure what different teams I could be facing and how I would build those team and how to beat them. These are the rules at the Sin City Bowl and this are the team I am attending with.


* 1.25 million to build your team
* No stat increases
* Up to 50k in skill upgrades per player
* No more than 2 of a given skill upgrade (2 blocks, 2 guards ect)
* All NAF approved teams allowed.

When I arrived at the tournament were I really nervous, I really wanted to preform and win. I weren’t my old happy chatty self as I use to be, I were quiet and I felt the game nerves coming creeping. There were some late comers that we waiting for but when they arrived did Doug announce that matches and I got my first opponent; Schu, a Underworld coach.

Match #1 vs Schu Underworld

This were probably one of the teams I didn’t believe I would have the opportunity to play against and so did I not have a game plan ready. I got to opportunity to start with the ball and I decided to see how my bashing came along before I decided my game plan. In turn 3 had my opponent lost four players, one on a banned foul and three casualties. As Schu ran an 11 man troop and with 4 players gone did I decide to score quick because this is a one day tournament with only 3 games and in the end might most TD become a tiebreaker. I scored the first touchdown in turn 4, 1-0. Schu are now on the offence but playing underworld against Skaven with 7vs11 players aren’t easy. My rats can fairly easy strip the ball from one of the goblins and score the 2-0 touchdown. I can breathe out, a lead with 2-0 and outnumbering my opponent 11 vs 6 do I feel I got this game. In the second half do one of Schus two headed goblins manage to with some crazy rolls dodge right through my defence past prehensile tail & tackle and score the 2-1 touchdown. I get to bash his goblins at the LOS and knocking out all three of them can I score the 3-1 touchdown in turn 16.

Relived that I survived the first game did I head out for lunch with Schu and some other of the coaches. I skipped breakfast and some food would fit nice now. Also a big cup of coffee to sharp my focus for my next game. Knowing that I played a good first game and scored fairly high did I know that I would probably meet a one of the best coaches here in my next match. When we got back did Doug announce that my second game would be against HighElfMage, coaching Lizardmen.

Match #2 vs HighElfMage Lizardmen

I suspected that there would be a risk that I would meet this team and during my travel did I create a roster I suspected they would use and a plan for how to beat it. I have played Lizardmen in my local league and know them fairly well, dominate your opponent through strength. I decided that I wouldn’t play Lizardmen because they can’t hoard block at this tournament (and ofc because I love my little rats). Once again did my opponent run a 11 man troop, skilling all the saurus, krox and a sure hands on one of the skinks. His roster were almost 100% what I would pick and I know this could be a rough game if I let him bash me around. I won the coin toss and decided to start with the ball so that I could control the bash. As I have skilled Guts the Organ Grinder with Claw & Mighty Blow can I maybe hurt HigElfMages killer saurus with Mighty Blow & Piling On. The killer is standing onn the LOS so I do not even have to work to get to him, yum yum. Here comes the kick-off, the ball scatters close to the sideline and the kick-off result are a BLITZ! …. God dammit! Now can HighElfMage blitz Guts and place a skink under the ball, but HighElfMage decides to blitz my leader thrower and just mark Guts with another saurus. A skink comes running but have to take a GFI to place himself under the ball but fail the roll. HighElfMage decides to not reroll it. Rough start but I haven’t lost any player yet and I can fetch the ball with a 2+ and then cage up. At the LOS will I need some luck but If I get a POW or POWPUSH with a one die on the Stand Firm Guard saurus can I get my bash back on. POW! The saurus goes down and Guts can now take a 2 die block on the killer, [Both Down Both Down] and the saurus falls to the ground and he DIES! Lizardmen are one of the best teams as long as you can keep all your players on the pitch, as soon as players start to drop of will it quickly go down hill. My game plan is to protect Guts at all time and never let my opponent blitz him as he is my only can opener. In HigElfMage first turn do he surprise me with a foul on a Linerat. First of do I personally never foul with lizardmen, secondly do I never foul when running an 11man troop unless there is something extremely juicy lying on the pitch, like a +ST Wardancer. The fouling skink manage to badly hurt my linerat, but gets ejected by the ref as well. 10vs9 on the pitch and I can fairly safe advance my cage on the right side of the pitch. In turn 3 do HighElfMage lose another skink because the ref are there again to prevent any foul play. In my turn 4 can Guts once again slice open a sauru that have to be carried off the pitch for some medical attention. Even if HigElfMage are losing players quickly do he force me to score in turn 6. HighElfMage can field 7 players and I can field 11 players. The lizards makes a hard push on my right flank and I respond with a collum defence in turn 8, but instead of a classic column defence do I place the players in the columns 2 squares apart. Why I do this is because skinks have the stunty skill and Ignore the number of tacklezones when dodging, set up the columns with 2 squares apart will give him 2 more dodgerolls if he wants to score. And to prevent him from just blitz of the first player in one of my columns do I blitz open a path and mark his ball carrier with tackle, as he have no rerolls left will he have to blitz my tackle player or make the two first dodge without reroll. A saurus blitzes Freddy Krueger that are marking the skink and now will the skink have to make 6x 3+ dodges for the touchdown but on the fourth dodge do the skink fall. The standings are 1-0 in halftime. Setting up for the second half do I still outnumber my opponent with 10vs6. I had noticed that my thrower with leader suffered a lot of blitzes during the first half from the krox so I decide to place him a bit off in hope to lure away the krox. The Krox blitzes the thrower but doesn’t break his armour so the following turns will I just sacrifice my thrower to keep the krox busy while my gutters goes on a skink hunt. In turn 3 Princess bash the skink with the ball and Speedy Goalzales have the honour to pick up the ball and run towards the endzone. A skink manage to blitz Speedy with a 1 die, [Push], reroll => [Both Down]. At this moment were I glad that I had listened to Melisqus advice to remove Sure Feet and add Block instead on Speedy that are now still standing while skink isn’t and I can score in turn 12, 2-0. I can breathe out now because I doubt HighElfMage will turn this game around. Still outnumbered do the lizards set up another offence but with so few players left on the pitch can’t they protect the ball and my rats have no problems snatch it again and score 3-0 in turn 16.

Happy that I survived another game and that the dream still lives, one more game and after that will it be decided who takes home the prize. There is just me and one more coach with a record of 2 wins so far, he is called al13n. He also coach a Lizardmen team and got a similar build to HighElfMage and I wondered if my final game would be like my second game or completely different. Al13n seems more confident that he will win compared to HighElfMage, but it isn’t over until the last die have been tossed.

Match #3 vs al13n Lizardmen

I win the coin toss and as al13n are running an 11 man troop do I decide to start with the ball so I can make another attempt to bash in some Lizardmen faces. Here comes the kick-off and it is a BLITZ! … I got a feeling of dejavu here. The Lizards start their bonus turn by running down some of their skinks on my field, but they kicked the ball too far and can’t reach where the ball will land. The blitz are aimed at my thrower, “hmm this is interesting” do I think for myself. I wonder if I can use my thrower as bait in this game as well. My thrower were still standing after the blitz so no losses in this bonus turn. Freddy Krueger blitzes the skink marking the ball but doesn’t break the armour. Speedy Goalzales picks up the ball and moves into a cage. Guts the Organ Grinder gets yet gain another 2d block on a Saurus in turn one but this time did it only result in a KO. I set up my Linerats so that neither Guts nor Speedy can be blitzed. I try to do my best in protecting these two during most parts of the game. In al13ns turn 1 do he as well surprise me with a foul on Vermini Houdini (Guard Gutter). The skink manage to stun Vermini, but once again are the Ref there ready with the red card to send the skink of the pitch. In the following turns do I use my thrower as bait, leaving him wide open for blitzes, in hope that al13n will ignore my exposed gutters. Al13n takes the bait and my thrower suffers another blitz. My thrower Benny Bullseye becomes stunned by that hard hit and before he can recover comes a skink and jumps on him knocking him out. The Ref blow as hard as he can in his little whistle and the skink are banned from the game. Guts blitzes the lizards Leader saurus, [POW POW] and he is badly hurt. We are in the games turn four and so far do I have one KOed Thrower and al13n got 2 banned skinks, 1KO guard/stand firm Saurus and a badly hurt wrestle Leader Saurus. 10 vs 7 on the pitch, the feeling of dejavu comes even more creeping as al13n force me to score in turn 6. al13n response with a quick touchdown that I couldn’t prevent. 1-1 in halftime on my drive, that is actually not good but I have the number advantage entering the second half. My kicker kicks the ball deep down on al13ns half and after some bashing do a skink attempt to pick up the ball but al13n used the wrong skink, he used the skink without sure hands and didn’t want to waste a reroll on the pick up. This gave my rats a chance to close in and put pressure on the skinks in the backfield that were now fairly lonely as the Kroxigor went once again for the thrower. I managed to pop the ball in turn 3 and Speedy Goalzales with block picked up the ball and after surviving a skink blitz did he score the 2-1 touchdown. In the match last drive did my number advantage become the deciding factor of the outcome as I could bind the Saurus so that the ball carrier couldn’t be protected and once I got the ball did I stall to last turn in the middle of the pitch and with some chainpush and dodges could Vermini Houdini run in the 3-1 touchdown and seals the deal.

Playing 3/0/0 this tournament granted me the victory and I could take home the trophy! HighElfMage came in at second place and al13n ended at third place. There were a price for the foulest player and that explained why they fouled so much at this tournament. I am happy that I could attend this tournament, it were one of my favorite things I did on my visit to the USA and after this tournament did my rats ranking rise to 217.23 and placing me at rank 1 in Sweden with a record of 22/8/3 *cough*bragger!*cough cough*.

Stunty Leeg Mid-season Event
It is time for our local Stunty Leeg Mid-seasone event and this time have four coaches with their teams are crashing the GothBowl dungeonbowl arena for some crazy Stunty action! Teams attending this event are, Skoberget’s Horrors “The Pink Death Machines”, Equilibri’s Gnoblars “The Stunssons”, my Snotlings “The Drive-By Kings” and the watcher of the Magical Raven brocCooLi´s Forest Goblins “Areaes Sylvaes”. The goal of the game is to find the ball in one of the 6 magical chests and then score a touchdown in one of your opponent’s end zones. Every team sets up 6 players in their end zones and each turn can they teleport in one extra player through one of the portals. Here we got my teams first turn.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-16 13.55.14.jpg 
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ID:	199221 One of my trolls teleported into the middle of the dungeon and opened a chest to my opponents amusement, when it almost blew him up. If you open a chest and the ball isn’t there then a magical fireball will appears to blow the chest plunderer to kingdom come. The Stunssons gnoblars takes advantage of this situation and starts to gangfoul the troll Hugin & Mugin.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-16 14.05.56.jpg 
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ID:	199222 As you can see in the background are the horrors closing in to join the fouling fun on the troll. The forest goblins aren’t doing much noise in the beginning of the game as both of their spider riders boneheads. One of their shamans decides to go on a snotling hunt as they are easy farming for SPPs. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2014-08-16 14.06.08.jpg 
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ID:	199223 The Stunssons find the ball and starts to move it away from the slow horrors and are heading towards my end zone. If you are like me and think that snotlings are one of the worst (but funniest) team on the pitch and think they will have a better chance in a dungeon, then will you surprised how wrong I could be. The trolls are harder to move through the dungeon as they require assistance all the time. The waggons just keep bouncing into the wall and the snotlings get ganged because they are fun to bash. The Stunsson are closing in and in my end zone isn’t there much defence as I could hope. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	första.jpg 
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ID:	199224As you can see on the picture have they moved the ball from the chest furthest away from me to just 7 squares from my end zone. The last turn ended like this. My and brocCooLis players tried to block the gnoblars way but they just moved in closer so that their big ogre could come running and pick up the gnoblar with the ball and throw him into the end zone but he twitched his wrist a little to much and the gnoblar an impressive corkscrew and slammed into the wall, failing the landing. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	andra.jpg 
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ID:	199225This gave one of my snotlings the chance to go grab the ball but a snake eye on the dodge gravels my hope to protect my endzone. One of brocCooLis goblins comes running and score the winning touchdown. Areaes Sylvaes wins the first mid-season event and one of his spider riders gains a prehensile tail as a gift from the magical raven.

I also promised in my last post that I would show some of the progress of Lockedblues work on my Nurgle team because I didn’t think I would manage to complete my stunty team before this update but I did so. Let me present the Chaos Entities United with the Slaanesh goddess Lucy Fur as team captain. The idea for this team started with how the Albino Fae team is assemble. The roster consist of the extremes of Blood Bowl, they got the strongest, fastest and weakest (except for snotlings, they are the worst) of all the stunty teams. I wanted an evil Fae team and I started to thinking about how to represent this. Evil extremes and the first that comes to mind are the different Chaos factions but why would they start to work together? A common goal are not enough but not even a Khorne or Nurgle god can say no to a smile like Lucy Furs. That’s why Lucy Fur got picked as team captain. Her followers are the “Pixies”, the ball handlers of the team. With MA 8 can they outmaneuver almost any of the other stunty teams, but with strength 1 and armour 6 are they also an easy target for almost any other team. I would say that it are sometimes better to let your opponent score than putting them at risk, as the Pixies can score with just one or two turns at their hands. The Khorne god El Diablo brings the developing potential for pinpoint blitzing with his crew members, the Leprechauns. The Leprechauns also suffer from the strength 1, but starting with strip ball and have general access to compensate for that. The Nurgle god Rot Rötenbürg, also known as “Grand-Grand-Papa Nurgle” brings the cannon fodder to the team, the corrupted Brownies. The Brownies are actual worth their money as they are the same as a Goblin, but with the exception for their strength 1 and cost of only 25k. The gods them self only have 2MA but a wooping ST 6 and are the backbone of the team. I use them to make a controlled screen in the middle of the pitch that my smaller players can work around. My team have so far played 4 games and already set a record for most touchdowns in a game against a gnome team in our local league with a 6-0 victory.

(Lockedblues painted Lucy Fur a couple of years back for me so some of you might recognize her)

Next update will include the Twin Mountain Blood Bowl tournament in Sundsvall and Lockedblues work on the Nurgle Team until next time, PZ!