Cheers guys. You're right, Hadriel, I need to invest in a drill soon and I keep putting it off.

This weekend past the Seventh War-Company took to the field of battle once more, spearheading an assault into the maelstrom of warfare surrounding forge world Dark Sphere in southern London, where a 40k Doubles tournament was being hosted. After 10 (!) long hours of bloodshed and brutality, the warriors of the Seventh, alongside those of the Great Company of Ragnar Blackmane, emerged from the fray battered, bloodied, but ultimately victorious. Myself and Sohail187 (also on B&C) were fortunate to take 1st place in a field of 17 teams. Four missions - Crusade, Relic, The Pariah (the Relic but with a living target causing deep striking mishaps to everything within 12" and worth 5VPs if she's taken off the board) and Armoury of Annihilation from the new Escalation book. Our toughest match of the day was a team of Imperial Fists and Dark Eldar (Heresy! all allies were counted as Allies of Convenience for this tournament, I should note) who, simply put, scythed through my bikes as if they were wearing paper armour. Dark Eldar poisoned firepower is to be given great respect especially when you make some huge tactical errors early in the battle.

At the end of the day we were the only team to win all 4 games and took first place, although the reality was that it didn't feel like a sure-fire thing at all - our third game was against a triple Heldrake build which came bloody close to tabling us. Although we'd racked up 11VPs thanks to the Pariah being escorted off the field by Jackal Cadre, and Brother-Captain Arkhan decapitating the enemy Warlord (Arkhan follows the Khan's rules), we had seven models left between us on the field by the end of the game, compared to the enemies' 2 Heldrakes, 30+ cultists and zombies and Typhus. Very much a case of winning by playing the mission.

Throughout the day's combat, Brother-Captain Ludvos Arkhan led the Chapter's vanguard into battle against xenotic and heretical foes alike and, as already mentioned, took the head of one enemy Warlord to be mounted in the Chapter's trophy halls; he has been honoured for this deed with a finished paint scheme and (a first for me) a magnetised helm allowing him to be switched between helmeted and helmetless versions

Without further ado - the first HQ and 2 Troops choices of the Seventh War-Company:

Brother-Captain Ludvos Arkhan, Master of the Vanguard

And some wound tokens I've made for the HQ choices:

Any comments and criticism welcome. I'm so pleased to have finally finished him!