Hey people,
with steam's last summer sale I jumped on the opportunity and picked up all the Fallout games. Now I had been looking for a new project for a while and after playing through the magnificent first installment of Fallout I knew I wanted to do something along those lines.
But first let's set the mood:

So the plan is to make a tabletop RPG out of Fallout 1. At first only to the point where you retrieve the water chip.
Now being all excited about the new project naturally I started painting right away. Not having anything special just for this project this is the stuff I ended up with.
Some terrain stuff to use for random encounters:

Re-purposed Goliath minis, I plan to use them as Raiders:

First try at a ghoul. Now in Fallout there's nothing like feral ghouls in FO3, so I gave him a couple grenades and a bone knife and what I hope is a sentient look.

As always comments, critique, hints and questions are highly welcome!