Hi, some of you know me, others don't, long time player, started back in 1994 when 4:th edition was the game to play.
I decided my first army was going to be Chaos, all because of this pic:

All said & done I had an army done in a couple of months, the army changed a lot with 5:th edition, more so when newer editions arrived.
I haven't played much during 8:th edition, mostly because my old army isn't very up to date (& friends moving), I've decided to change that & a plog would be a great start imo.

I am aiming to have this list done by the end of the year.

Looking through my old stuff I found some models to be good enough to keep:



What I found I needed the most first would be a bsb & a chimera, so I set to work on those:

More coming in the next couple of days, both pictures of my current stuff & hopefully some of my older stuff. I will also be posting the progress of my HotT army as well as the start of my Kings of war army here.

Regards "snyggejygge"