Hi Guys,

So one of the players in my group has brought a new tau army and its absolutely destroying us out of hand on the battlefield. I really need to learn the rules for the army, every time I do something he counters it with some nonsense sounding rule which is actually in the rulebook!!! Today I experienced some Morlock thing which is 4d6 deny the witch within 12 of a riptide, pretty much made his army immune to powers (although I am using two rune priests so its about the same I guess).

The thing that really gets us is the combination of shoot marker lights, shoot riptide at something, scoop up handful of models regardless of save, rinse repeat. No cover no nothing! I've tried keeping my wolves in reserve, he just blasts them with a 5 point interceptor upgrade. When I finally make it to his lines, the crisis suits all link guns in overwatch and I am left exploded on the field from a million plasma guns :cries: The two riptides he is running are dead hard to kill and attract jaws of the world wolf like flies on nurglings, but thats not reliable because of the deny the witch thing. Its getting a bit frustrating because all of this happens from 60 inches away and drop podding is a very bad idea because of interceptor.

So how do I do it? Its driving me mad. I know to target anything with a marker light first, but if he goes first and i am not completely out of line of sight, i am doomed. My other armies are orks and daemons, I guess daemons would have the best shot, fast moving MCs with funky abilities to take them out, but we have just started a new campaign and I kind of want to stick with my wolves through it although if each game is going to be like this its going to be tedious.