Hi all.
I want to know more about what armies people play and what they think of the different armies. The survey is extremely basic and won't take more than about a minute to complete. It will yield very subjective data, but that is also the aim of the survey, as people will have very different opinions based on wich armies they play and what meta/comp they are a part of. The goal of this simplified survey, is to make as many people as possible able to answer, and make the numbers more statistically correct. It will also rule out lots of misintepretations related to more advanced questions.

It will not give any empirical data on any army, but I hope it can give a good picture of what people generally think of the different armies. I will post the data collected if the amount of replies reaches a fairly high level


If you have ideas about how to make the survey better, or if you have questions about my aims please reply