Found this game too late to join the kickstarter so I was gutted that I didn't have the bonus of those funky 3d summoned creatures. Lots of fun as games go too!!!

WTF I thought, always wanted to have a crack at a little sculpting and after being inspired by a lot of things I saw on the 'tinternet by fellow Krossers I figured chibi is basically just blobs stuck on blobs, good starting point!

All I had in was plasticine and not wanting to waste any money on the proper sculpting gear I went down the easiest route possible, bonus is I can re-use the plasticine too, more money saved!

Anyhow, these are the said summoned goodies as shown in the rule book

Going for silly prices on ebay, no way I am parting with that sort of Wonga for a few plastic minis!

So here we go, plasticine a go go!

While I was at it I figured I may as well build some 3D scenery too

Castings of summoned creatures ready for a splash of paint!