this project log is dedicated to the small historical projects I work on. One-off miniatures, single squads, small additions to existing collections of one of my clients or indeed mine, everything that doesn't really warrant a project log of its own. It's essentially meant for those little things I squeeze in between larger projects.

Every once in a while there might be some cross-overs with other historical painting logs I'm running. I'm not sure in how far this plog will get updated very regularly with new stuff. Currently I'm working on many different historical things but I think that this plog will lie dormant for a while in between these things during times at which I'm woring on Fantasy/Sci-Fi stuff again.

Just so there is something to look at in the first post already, here are some pictures of historicals I painted in the past (going through human history chronologially):

..so much for the little overview in the rear view mirror. In the next post I'll talk about things I currently work on and what's to come in the future.