hey guys,

I've been a long-time Blood Angels player (ever since 3th edition).
Now the new Marine codex got me thinking. I've red some Rumours of a new BA codex somewhere late 2014 (wich, being 4 years after the current one is a possibility).

I was just thinking, what could they possibly add to the BA's?
Every codex release has been with 4+ new kits and a bunch of Clampacks as release, but BA's ARE just a Marine chapter with a few extra's that already have a (new) Plastic Kit.
(Baal Predator, Furioso Dreadnought, Death Company and Sanguinary Guard).

What could they POSSIBLY add more?? (I know they could give us a nice plastic Sanguinary Priest and or Chaplain model, but no plastic kits afaik?)