Thank you mrtn.

With that brief 11th century interlude we are back to the ECW. Earlier this year I picked up a bunch of minis off ebay from a seller in Nova Scotia (it's not very often you find someone in Canada selling second hand ECW figures). The figures were painted to a fairly coarse table top standard (some better than others), with not much prep put into them. Here is a sample photo:

The 2 figures on the left are (I believe) Old Glory, followed by Renegade, possibly Redoubt and then a Perry figure. The 2 OG figures were primed black, then "wet brushed" brown; a fairly common painting technique 30-40 years ago with historical gamers. I have been tidying them up over the last couple of months between other projects and now have a completed regiment.

All the musketeers are from the ebay purchase.

The musketeers are a mix oif either Old Glory or Redoubt and Perry.

The Pike bases are made up mostly from the ebay miniatures, including the command figures and flag:

One base, though is made up of new figures from 4 different manufacturers:

From left to right we have 1st. Corps, Avanpost, Perry and Warlord Games plastic. The only one that doesn't really fit is the 1st Corps figure; he's rather large and distinctly different sculpting style. You can't really tell though at gaming distance though- see below: